Sanitary Toilet Seat Cover

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The Brill Seat – Sanitary Toil Seat Covers

toilet seat coverWith all the technology made for people to avoid germs inside of a public restroom what else is there to invent where we can avoid even more germs? We have many automated restroom dispensers for ourselves to feel more comfortable within a public bathroom such as hands-free faucets, electronic soap dispensers, automatic hand dryers and paper towel dispensers. A man by the name of Alan Brill invented the Brill Seat. The Brill Seat is a fully automatic toilet seat cover dispenser. We go through all these lengths just to avoid germs and disease from getting on our hands, so why not something for our bottoms?

This electronic toilet seat was designed to work as easily as possible and as sanitary as possible. So, what is the simplest way than to use a motion sensor mounted on the wall; the user will wave his or her hand and commence the personally manufactured plastic to rotate around the rim of the toilet seat. This creates a clean and fresh sitting area for every single time someone uses it without the hassle of cleaning it or having janitorial staff clean it.

The dispenser, when the user has finished their business, cuts the plastic with a dependable and safe razor. This razor is internal and will not bring any harm to the user. The Brill Seat then discards the plastic to the right of the dispenser for later means of disposal by a janitor. Every person who walks into the stall will initially have a new toilet seat to sit on.

What does it eliminate?

The Brill Seat eliminates the amount of nasty paper waste that may end up on the floor around the toilet as well as throughout the entire restroom facility. It also eliminates any clogging of the toilet or any overflowing that may be caused by excessive toilet paper or paper sanitary sheets. It gets rid of the fear that millions of people might have of using a public restroom and it also does away with the trepidation of sitting on the toilet. Many people who have these uncertainties tend to spend their time hovering, squatting, getting into weird positions, or even placing a makeshift barrier out of toilet paper along the toilet seat, which can be very time consuming or uncomfortable.

The Brill Seat gets rid of these silly traditions and habits of avoiding the sanitary toilet seat cover and provides a comfortable place to sit to relieve one’s self. The seat gets rid of the aching limbs of squatting over the seat or the mess of missing the toilet. People love how hygienic the Brill Seat is and love how toilet paper no longer makes the bathroom look unsightly with paper waste. It looks clean, feels clean and stays clean for much longer so it eliminates the need for constant cleaning by janitorial staff.

This American made product leaves a big impact on its customers and users with its top-notch computerized technology installed in the automatic toilet seats and its sanitary plastic that’s individually made by the Brill Hygienic Inc. Company. This product was made to transform every user’s restroom experience in public because we all know public restrooms can be one of the scariest places to go.

Companies want people to feel comfortable and by installing a Brill Seat, every customer will leave happy and feel cared for. Brill Hygienic Inc. cares about the sanitary conditions in thousands of locations including airports, casinos, hospitals, offices, schools and other institutions that also care about good hygiene.

It’s important to protect one’s self, employees, and customers from getting and spreading germs and disease around the general public. The Brill Seat is here to take away any stress that may be caused from the threat of health and safety. The seat helps put off the spreading of bacteria and germs on one’s hands, body and anywhere else they can get when using a public restroom. If you’re a company, getting Brill Seats installed in your restroom facility will allow customers to comfortably use the restroom without having to worry about germs, disease, and getting embarrassed by walking out of the restroom with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoe.