Save Yourself with Protective Toilet Seat Covers

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When it comes to using public bathrooms there are actually plenty of well grounded fears, most of them having to do with germs. After all, you are placing your backside on a ceramic surface where everyone and their uncle has done so, and probably in the last twenty minutes. This is especially true at particularly busy destinations like retail stores, restaurants, and of course, casinos. That being said, there are many ways to offset this germ infested paradise, one of the most popular being to use toilet seat covers.


Traditional Protective Toilet Seat Covers

Protective Toilet Seat CoversToilet seat covers have been around for a very long time, and in traditional bathroom history, they have always been made out of some type of tissue paper which could be placed directly onto the toilet seat by the users. These covers became so popular in fact that most bathrooms carry them for customer use. There are a few problems with these public bathroom toilet seat covers, however.

  • Costly – They are disposable, and will need to be repurchased constantly.
  • Problematic – Depending on the user, they may or may not remain in place while the individual is seated on the toilet.
  • Technical issues – Strangely, these paper toilet seat covers are often mistaken for toilet paper and find their way into the sewer system, prompting thousands of dollars in repair work.

For many years, the traditional toilet seat cover really was the only way to go about things, but now, fortunately, the Brill system has become one of the best public restroom toilet covers, using technology that permits users to change the cover without actually getting their hand dirty. That, in itself is a revolution in the way things are handled in any facilities.

What is the Brill Seat Cover?

The Brill Seat Cover is an entirely new take on cheap public bathroom toilet seat covers that promotes a brand new level of cleanliness never before seen in the public bathroom setting. So what exactly makes the Brills eat different? What sets it apart from any other toilet seat on the market? The answer, of course, is technology.

Protective Toilet Seat CoversThe Brill seat utilizes a proprietary mechanical system that literally removes the old toilet seat cover and replaces it with a brand new one as needed. This is done by the user or through motion sensor technology as they sit down on the toilet. When a button is pressed, the Brill seat dispenser moves the plastic cover around the seat and replaces it, disposing of the old one entirely. Not only is this more sanitary, it is also much easier for the user as they will be putting less effort into the process of replacing the cover.

In addition to providing a more sanitary environment. You will find that the Brill seat actually replaces the existing toilet seat, and in doing so ensures that your customers and patrons will never actually need to touch the seat itself. This is a vast improvement, and will even help you to pass sanitation inspections sanctioned by the state. To date, hundreds of these Brill seats have been installed in bathrooms across the United States, and those whoh have used them endorse them quite heavily. In fact, the Brill system was reviewed by a noteworthy news station not long ago.

Toilet seat covers for public restrooms actually promote safety for the bathroom in that they are not typically discarded through toilet flushing once they are finished with their use. Because the Brill system disposes of them on its own, they will not clog the system, nor will you find them scattered about the restroom floor once they are expended. This will not only save you the cost of a good plumber, it will also keep your janitors from working quite as hard as they will not need to remove Brill seat covers from the floor. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to use Brill seat covers, and before you know it, you will be reaping all of the benefits.