The Best Automatic Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

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Toilet seats are always a matter of great debate in public settings. There are those who believe that toilet seats are not much of a threat to personal hygiene, and then there are those who avoid them like the plague, and probably with good reason. If you consider that an average restaurant likely has one thousand customers in a single day and half of them have used the facilities, how many people have used that toilet seat before you? What are you sitting in? Does it have teeth? These are all important questions that you will need to ask, and with that being the case, you might want to consider a seat cover dispenser for toilets.

Not only is this a great idea, it is one that will help to appease the customers who darken your door. So why exactly is it important to make sure that you customers have a place to ‘go’, so to speak? First of all, customers will not be amused if you have a filthy restroom, and there is a good chance that they will not return if they find it to be in deplorable condition. Word of this can spread among both customers and potential customers like bacteria, and you need to prevent that from happening at all costs. That being said, a hands free automatic toilet seat cover might be the option that you are looking for.

Going Hands Free with your Seat Cover Dispenser for Toilets

So now you’re looking for a quality automatic toilet seat cover but you’ve probably found that it’s not the easiest thing to get your hands on. After all, the majority of toilet seat covers are made from paper and are normally handed out via a dispenser. The important thing to note is that while yes, these are a good thing, they have their share of problems, even though they are very inexpensive. Are they truly inexpensive, however? You might not spend much on them initially, but consider all of the costs that they rack up.

First of all, your customers and visitors are most likely going to find themselves flushing the covers down the toilets, and this will cause your plumbing system to back up. In addition to that they can really clutter a bathroom, which leads to the need for janitorial staff to spend even more time cleaning up than ever before. What if you don’t have janitorial staff? What if your employees are the ones cleaning the bathroom? If so, then you are losing both time AND potential profit. It’s time to start using the Brill solution.

Automatic Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

The Brill Solution

The best solution is the Brill Solution, especially when it comes to making sure you don’t lose profit, and that your toilet seats remain as clean as humanly possible. So, what is the Brill difference? Why is it so different? The big difference here, is that your customers will never actually touch the toilet seat proper. This automatic seat cover dispenser for restrooms will help your customers to have a much more enjoyable experience, and in the end it will save you money. How do we know? Simple: you’re not the first person to look for it.

The Brill Seat has been used in a number of different restrooms across the United States, and if you take a look at the front page of our website, you will notice a local news station that covered Brill Seat and the benefits it has bestowed upon the organization hat used it. Since then, Brill Seat has become a hit in many different establishments, and is only getting better. It is helping to save money, keep customers happy, and generally being an incredible product. If you’re ready to replace those old disposables with something a bit better, then you’re ready for our touchless toilet seat cover dispenser. It won’t be long before your customers are happier, and tour custodial staff is praising you for removing what could have only been described as a floating biological hazard. Now that you know the truth that is the Brill Seat, you’re ready to take on the world, or at least the bathroom.

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