The Importance of Good Hygiene and How Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Can Help

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Bathrooms are a busy place for any establishment. Patrons coming in and out are only there to use the facilities before they leave. We have to be honest with ourselves and admit not every patron is going to be respectful of the facilities. While it’s the responsibility of the establishment hosting these facilities to keep them clean, it can be hard during business hours.

The cleaning personnel have to keep not only the bathroom clean, but the rest of the establishment too. This can mean the bathroom can go without a good cleaning for hours at a time. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, a bathroom can become very dirty during that time. This can create a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can be caught by other people.

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

How do Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Keep the Bathroom Clean?

Automatic toilet seat covers go a long way in helping the bathroom to stay clean and sanitary. People are constantly coming in and out of the bathroom any given day. This means the bathroom is a good place for germs and bacteria to be spread from person to person. While the toilet seat is usually pretty safe, people still use seat covers. This gives them an extra layer of protection and means the toilet seat is clean when they use the facilities.

Traditional toilet seat covers are ineffective in staying on the toilet seat. They often fall off, tear easily, or they’re just too much of a hassle to deal with. Even when you’re able to get the cover on, you have to touch the toilet seat to apply the cover. This makes the entire reason for having it there completely useless. The covers may also fall to the ground, and people are usually very unwilling to pick them up at that point.

Our toilet seat cover dispenser system creates a touchless, automatic way to have the toilet seat completely covered. You never have to touch the toilet seat ever again! The best part is that everything stays on the toilet seat. When a patron is done using the toilet, the used plastic is rolled up so it cannot be used again. Fresh plastic is then spread over the toilet seat creating a new and sanitary cover for the next person to use. This touchless system makes it easier for everyone involved.

How Does the Toilet Seat Covers Cut Down on Costs?

Toilet Seat CoversAutomatic toilet seat covers go a long way in helping to cut down costs for keeping the bathroom clean. They get rid of the need to have traditional toilet seat covers in the bathroom. Those covers would often end up on the floor, in corners, or just ripped up to the point where they create a huge mess in the bathroom. Not to mention what a hassle it is to replenish the covers once they run out.

The automatic covers make cleaning the bathroom not only easier, but help to cut down on the time spent scrubbing the bathroom spotless too. Cleaning personnel simply need to replace the roll of plastic for the seat covers, and throw the used plastic away. This only take a few seconds at most to do. Once they’re done, they can move on to the next toilet seat.

When cleaning personnel have less mess to clean up, they can focus on other areas to clean instead. They don’t have to spend half an hour or more scrubbing the bathroom down or picking up wayward toilet seat covers that have been discarded. This makes the entire process easier, and over time can save a lot of money.

Here at Brill Seat, we believe every establishment should make an investment in our new system. While the initial cost may seem ridiculous at first, you won’t regret it for the long term savings you get from your investment. Why wait when you can have it today?