Toilet Seat Cover Automatic Dispenser

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Brill Sanitary Toilet Seat and How It Works

automatic toilet seat cover dispenserThese unique toilet seats function by computerized programming and technology. The Brill toilet system changes its toilet seat cover for each new user that enters the stall, so that each person has a clean place to sit and here is how it works.

When a user walks into the stall and wants to place a fresh cover on the toilet, all they have to do is wave a hand over a sensor on the green device mounted on the wall or press a green button located on the seat. The toilet will then place a fresh plastic cover around the rim of the toilet rotating from the left side of the dispenser towards the right side.

After use, the toilet cover dispenser will internally razor cut the plastic that it’s holding and pull the cover into the right side where it will never be re-used. The razor is completely foolproof so that no harm can come to the person using the automatic toilet seat cover dispenser. The user will be able to use the restroom happily and safely and then leave in a clean state.

To dispose, the right side where the plastic is being contained can be spooled easily and thrown away by hired cleaners or janitorial employees.

These inimitable toilet seat cover automatic dispenser are appearing in public bathrooms all around the world. Brill’s unique technology helps managers keep their restroom facilities clean and sanitary even on busy days. Brill cares about their customers just as much as the customers care about their own safety. This device was created for the people to help control the spread of germs and bacteria within public bathrooms. However it does create many other benefits to not only the user but the managers of the companies as well.


The Brill sanitary toilet system helps out managers by lowering the amount of work needed to fix clogged and overflowed toilets as well as eliminate any extra plumbing that may be needed. The bathrooms will stay cleaner longer than without this exceptional system. There is less attention that is required to keep the bathrooms tidy. The appearance of the entire bathroom will improve tremendously because people won’t be dealing with paper seat covers or toilet paper to cover the seat.

The Brill automatic system provides a plastic cover and discards it in a sanitary, out of the way place to be disposed of later. It eliminates the mess of all paper messes and unpleasant appearances of clogged toilets. Customers will appreciate this cleanliness and will enjoy the sight of a clean, neat and sanitary bathroom. They will leave completely satisfied with their visit to the toilet and maybe even the building the restroom is in.

In busy situations where the bathroom is overflowing with people, the Brill system allows managers to be calm and not have to worry about messes that could need tending to. They won’t have to worry about hiring more staff to come clean up messes that customers might be leaving in the bathrooms. The Brill system also alleviates the fear of picking up germs from public toilets, so people are happy to have more sanitation. People are less likely to avoid the restrooms in public. The Brill system provides no worry, no mess and no hassle.

Customers Speak

automatic toilet seat coversCustomers are saying that it is amazing. Women are happy to have a clean seat to sit on because not everyone really knows how to be sanitary and not every one has great hygiene and not everyone spends the proper time or effort cleaning the toilet seat.

They are saying that one no longer has to create a toilet paper cover them selves. It leaves out possibilities for clogged toilets and walking out of the restroom with that embarrassing toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your foot.

Women are saying that they’re happier that it will take less time because they wont have to create that toilet paper barrier. They can get in and get out. The Brill system also allows for the managers to hire less maintenance to fix broken or clogged toilets due to packed toilet paper or over used toilet cover sheets.

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