Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser System – Initial Cost vs. Long Term Investment

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Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser SystemPublic restrooms can be a large investment to keep clean and orderly for patrons. People are using the facilities throughout the day and sometimes they’re not as respectful of the bathroom as other individuals may be. This means establishments hosting the public restrooms are responsible for keeping them clean and spotless, but even their best efforts can be ineffective.

Cleaning personnel have enough on their plate without having to dedicate a large amount of time to clean one restroom due to unkind patrons. Traditional toilet seat covers have the bad reputation of being ineffective, easy to tear, and downright messy. These types of toilet seat covers even get knocked to the ground or into the toilet since there is nothing to hold them in place in between each use.

Automatic toilet seat covers eliminate the need to clean up the traditional ones since they’re clean, efficient, and help to cut down on the mess in the bathroom. Cleaning personnel will be glad the process of cleaning the restroom is much more efficient and easy to do. We know many business owners and establishments have to manage their money wisely, and may not want to invest in our system due to the initial cost. Therefore, we wanted to share why the initial cost of our touchless toilet seat cover dispenser is a good long term investment.

Seat Cover Dispenser for Toilets Streamlines the Cleaning Process

Time is money as they say and streamlining any process can save money and time in the long run. Public restrooms are usually the main judging point for the establishment hosting them, so cleaning personnel have to dedicate quite a bit of time to cleaning the bathroom. With our automatic toilet seat cover system cleaning personnel only have to change out the plastic rolls in the bathroom. This saves a lot of time when compared to having to refill traditional toilet seat cover dispensers, and cleaning up the ones on the floor or caught in the toilet.

This can save a lot of time for cleaning personnel in the long run since they only have to do two steps to make sure the toilet seat covers are available for patrons again. Not only does this save time, but it makes the job easier for employees in charge of cleaning the bathroom too. While it can vary from establishment, restrooms can generally take anywhere from ten minutes to half an hour to clean. This includes scrubbing down every available surface to make sure it’s free of germs and bacteria from people coming in and out of the bathroom frequently.

The Initial Cost for Wholesale Disposable Toilet Seat Covers is Worth It

Our automatic toilet seat covers save cleaning time, hassle, and labor costs. Many establishments may still be reluctant though due to the initial cost of our automatic toilet seat covers and think it’s a bad investment. While the initial cost can be hefty, it’s actually a long term investment the establishment is making for the continued success of their business.

Think of it as putting money in the bank. While you can spend the money in your hand right away to suit your current desire, putting it in the bank allows you to invest it. Over time the money grows in the bank and soon you have enough to make a good investment down the line. It’s the same thing with going with our toilet cover system versus the traditional ones. While traditional toilet seat covers may solve the immediate problem, they are not a long term solution. Traditional toilet seat covers in the long term end up being a huge financial drain and not to mention the wasted labor spent to clean them up when patrons let them fall to the ground.

With our automatic disposable toilet covers establishments can save more money, time, and labor costs for the long haul. Since our toilet seat covers make it impossible for bare skin to even touch the toilet seat, this is a double bonus for everyone too. Our toilet seat covers help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria through simple technology and innovations.

Here at Brill Seat, we believe every bathroom should be as clean as possible. We developed our toilet seat cover system to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. Establishments who invest in our system will enjoy the benefits for a long time and the system could very easily end up paying for itself in a few years too.