Toilet Seat Cover Is the Answer to a Hygienic Public Bathroom

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Toilet Seat CoverWhen nature calls there is no place better to be than your own home. Your washroom is the most personal thing at your home that you would always like to keep clean. It is something everyone is aware of and one always keeps an eye for any dirt. Unfortunately, nature can call at any time and if you’re outside then the only option for us would be to use a public bathroom.

A public bathroom can be a nightmare for some people as there is no amount of cleaning that can be done to keep that toilet seat clean from germs and bacteria. The worst part is sooner or later you will have to use that toilet seat which can cause infections if in contact with your body.

Prevention is better than cure

Most of us have used this phrase in our daily life but in case of public toilet seat covers, this phrase actually applies. Even though cleaning the seat after some time will wash away germs for time being, the bacteria will build up again as soon someone else uses it. The only way to beat this is to start using public bathroom toilet seat covers. Public toilets in the bar, a club or a restaurant are used heavily and can spread various diseases if not taken proper precaution. A toilet seat cover for public restroom allows all the infection to be controlled as the cover absorbs all the germs and infection which is thrown after using it.

However, a toilet seat cover serves it purpose but most people tend to ignore using it due to the hassle involved in applying and changing the cover. That is why Brill Seat has introduced a new technology where everything is automated this increasing the habit of using a toilet seat cover.

How does Brill Seat toilet cover works?

Brill seat provides toilet seat covers for public as well as private bathrooms. Brill Seat has used an innovative technology which works hands-free. The seat is activated as soon as someone comes in the toilet area and a simple wave towards the motion sensor triggers the seat which then changes the cover of the toilet seat and covers it again after each use. The machine eliminates the entire process of pulling up a cover, using the cover and then disposing of it.

Benefits of using Brill toilet covers for public restrooms

  • Convenience: The most important and worth mentioning benefit of using brill seat cover is that it promotes the use of toilet seat covers. As the machine is fully automatic and does not require any work creates a habit of using toilet seat cover in your daily life.
  • Better Hygiene Conditions: Using a toilet seat is prevention towards getting infected with some disease. As our seats work automatically, the use of seat covers is increased thus creating a multiple effect towards a clean and hygienic toilet.
  • Cut on maintenance costs: With traditional toilet seat covers, there is a chance of mishandling the cover as one pull can bring out multiple covers which are usually wasted. These covers can also clog the drain which can cause to additional plumbing costs. With an automatic seat cover that only pulls out, one cover at a time, not only the seat covers are saved but there is much less expenditure on cleaning the toilet.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Most of us are reluctant using a public washroom due to the unhygienic conditions. With an automatic Brill toilet seat covers, your customers will appreciate the installation of an automatic seat cover and may in turn improve their chances of coming back to avail your service.

Brill Hygienic Products was founded more than 25 years ago with a purpose to improve and promote hygiene by using state of the art technologies which can improve your health and overall lifestyle. Brill automatic toilet seat covers are the only company in America that provides hands-free public restroom toilet covers.

Brill products are not only for residential use but can be used in public areas such as Airports, hospitals, schools, factories and other workplaces. The products are made in the USA and are designed to last a life time. Using Brill toilet seat covers will not only be a better step towards healthier employees but a hygienic community.