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Take your Bathroom to the Next Level with Disposable Toilet Seat CoversDisposable Toilet Seat Covers

There is an old saying that goes: all roads lead to Rome. While there is a significant meaning behind that phrase, we aren’t quite here to get into it. Instead we would like to introduce a new phrase: All roads lead to the lavatory. Everyone has to use it at some point, and the fact is, most people would rather do so at home. In fact, many people will actually avoid relieving themselves in a public location, and will instead hold it until they get home, increasing risk of accidents or even various health concerns.

If you find yourself doing this, then you are probably one of those who have used disposable toilet seat covers, or at the very least, placed toilet paper along the edge of the rim. You know who you are, and we know who you are. You’re the person who walks out of the public restroom with the string of toilet paper in your wake, or you could be the person who commits insane levels of acrobatic stunts to avoid touching the seat. Either way, we know who you are. That being said, your bathrooms would most definitely benefit from disposable toilet seat covers.

Automatic Disposable Toilet Seat Covers – A Modern Miracle

Technology has brought us many things, some of which have been question heavily as to their relevance. As of late however, technology has managed to solve one problem that has plagued use for over a century. The automatic disposable toilet seat covers that are currently offered by Brill provide us with a way to use the public restroom without experiencing the nightmare of actually touching the toilet.

How does it Work?

An automated device is placed on the back of the toilet, and through it, a plastic toilet seat cover will be dispensed, running from one side of the toilet to the other. Once the user sits down, they are sitting on a clean toilet seat cover. When they stand, they will be able to wave their hand before a motion sensor, which will signal the device to dispense a new cover for the next person. If a person is especially worried however they can simply wave their hand to start with and will be granted with a new cover. Once the cover is used, it will be rotated and sliced with a razor edge to ensure it does not go back into the rotation.


As you can imagine, the product has gotten amazing reception from everyone that has used it during the short time it has been on the market. If you take a look around the website you will find several customer testimonials, including those originating from news videos. Recently, the toilet seat system was installed in a casino in Arizona, and the reception could not have been better. Customers, at least those who used the women’s restroom were more than pleased at the new innovation, and have in fact found it easier to use public restrooms.


When one thinks of consequences, they often consider them to be a bad thing. This could not be further from the truth in the case of this toilet seat cover. As a matter of fact, installing it in your own facility will yield a number of highly positive consequences. For example, you will rather quickly find that you reduce several different costs, including the cost of bathroom maintenance.

You first of all remove the need for strange acrobatics leading up to strange messes. This of course makes it simpler for the nightly maintenance crew, and one less expense to add onto their invoice. In addition to that you can halt the inclusion of a weekly plumbing call as fewer toilet seat covers will be entering your pipes.

The most important part of the package however, is the fact that it will be far more sanitary! This means, of course, that you will have happier customers and promote a much healthier environment. In the end, this is a win-win situation. That being said, there is a cost attached to using this type of technology, of course, but it is nothing compared to the benefits that you will receive. Start thinking about your own bathrooms today, and think of just how much they would benefit from this simple but incredible solution. The health and safety of your bathroom is in your hands now, and the future is looking much brighter!