Toilet Seat Covers – An Extra Layer of Protection

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pro-4Public restrooms are very convenient in today’s society. When people hear the call of nature. It’s convenient to come across one those public restroom signs to rush in and to do their business. However, like with anything in life. Public restrooms come with a price. When a person walks into any one of these public facilities. It’s with the expectation of having to deal with the worse.

How many times have you walked into a stall only to find evidence on the toilet seat of the previous occupant who has less than desirable personal hygiene habits? Even if the previous user did go through the extra trouble to make sure to clean up after themselves. Toilet seats for years have been regarded as the breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and germs. The thought alone can cause people to wait to complete their business until they get to a more desirable location to do so.


Public Restroom Toilet Seat Covers – The Next Step in an Evolution of Cleanliness

Flush Away Your Worries with Brill Disposable Toilet Seat CoversToilet seat covers seem like a good route to go when it comes to personal hygiene when using a public restroom. They can range from plastic to paper. Some toilet seat covers are so cheap and flimsy. People may not even bother with them since the toilet seat cover can tend to rip when placing them on the toilet seat. Other toilet seat covers on the other hand can be very flimsy and hard to handle. However, when it’s done right. Flush Away Your Worries with Brill Disposable Toilet Seat CoversToilet seat covers serve as a good protection between your skin and contact with the seat.

One the main questions people may ask, is do toilet seat covers really make a difference in the cleanliness of a public restroom? Well, yes, as a matter of fact they can! Think about this for a minute. Everyday, there are dozens of people walking in and out of a public restroom. So, with that in mind. It’s easy to see why a mess may occur on the toilet seat from time to time.

With a toilet seat cover the chance of a mess happening, whether intentional or not, is cut down. Some toilet seat covers can even be flushed down the toilet along with toilet paper. So, it makes for easy cleanup. Not to mention you can avoid your skin coming into contact with the toilet seat.

Toilet Seat Covers add an Extra Layer of Protection

The public bathroom can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This is usually in the faucet area, the accumulation of the water acting as the perfect breeding ground for these small organisms. Toilet seat covers can be a breeding ground for bacteria as well. Small droplets from the toilet can usually stay on the seat and remain there until they’re wiped off.

automatic toilet seat coversThis is yet another reason why toilet seat covers act as the perfect extra layer of protection. Not only do they block your skin from coming into contact with these small water particle. When a toilet is flushed a micro mist can fly up from the toilet as well. Some of this mist may settle on the toilet seat. So, having a fresh cover for the toilet seat is even better. Since basically you’re sitting on a new and unused surface. Once a person is done completing their business. The toilet seat cover is discarded sono after so a new one can be applied.

With that said, there are even automatic toilet seat covers as well. After a person is done completing their business a machine automatically covers the toilet seat. How cool is that?!

Regardless of whether you worry about using a toilet seat cover when using a public restroom or not. Toilet seat covers act as the perfect way to add that extra layer of protection between your skin and the toilet seat. Not to mention it leaves the toilet seat pristine and clean for the next person who has to use the restroom as well. By using a toilet seat cover, and proper hygiene techniques. It’s very easy to have a pleasant, and clean, experience when making use of the facilities open to the public known as public restrooms.