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Toilets may not be the most glamorous thing in the world to talk about, but they are the most necessary facility any business can have. Keeping the washrooms clean is one of the most important things any business can do for several reasons. It is more hygienic. Diseases can be spread through unclean bathrooms. Keeping restrooms clean is important to maintain a professional image with your customers and to maintain the respect of your employees. No one likes a dirty bathroom. Furthermore, keeping your restrooms clean and maintained helps to save you money.

An effective way you can keep your restrooms patrons at ease is to provide the most sanitary toilet seat possible. We believe that in order to keep your toilet seats clean you need toilet seat covers. Brill Hygienic Products Inc. provides our customers with cheap, wholesale, disposable, toilet covers that are effective and cheap, while also being the top of the line. Read on to learn more about our internationally acclaimed toilet seat covers.

About Brill

Brill Hygienic Products Inc. is an international company that specializes in cheap, wholesale, disposable, toilet covers. Everything that that Brill sells is made by us in America. In fact, we are the only American manufacturer of high-tech, hands-free, automatic sanitary toilet seats and sanitary plastic. Our product is all over the world, helping to keep both domestic and international toilet seats clean, sanitary, and stress free for all patrons.

How our Wholesale Sanitary Toilet Covers are Used

Wholesale Disposable Toilet CoversOur high-tech, hands-free, electronic sanitary toilet seats are so easy to use they are practically intuitive. With the aid of our toilet seat cover dispensers, our wholesale sanitary toilet covers are automatically switched per each use. The users simply wave their hand over the hands free sensor mounted on the wall. If the sensor isn’t working for whatever reason, we have provided a green button that the user can press to signal the dispenser to rotate the sanitary plastic along the seat. Next, the dispenser rolls out clean new plastic over the seat while the old plastic gets shredded by a covered razor and then spooled on the other end of the dispenser within the housing. Replacing the plastic cover is pretty simple, as the used seats are discretely and neatly rolled off to the side-ready to be disposed. To the user, changing the seat cover takes a few seconds to complete.

Perks of Using our Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

For the business owner, our disposable toilet seat covers offer many perks. As we’ve already mentioned, our seats provide an enhanced clean atmosphere to your restrooms. They reduce paper waste while also limiting the amount of germs and bacteria left behind by the nature of restroom activities. All restroom patrons appreciate the reduced exposure to unwanted germs. As a matter of fact our cheap, wholesale, disposable, toilet covers lower the chance of accidental exposure to germs for both your patrons and employees. This helps your patrons feel at ease and may even reduce the amount of sick days your employees need to take.

On the subject of employees, our automatic toilet seat covers reduce your washroom maintenance costs. Our toilet seats displace the need for those paper toilet seats that end up causing clogs in your toilets and paper litter on your floors. Due to the nature of having sanitary plastic seats, the restrooms stay cleaner for a longer period of time. And finally, as mentioned previously, our disposable toilet covers help to better your relationship with your customers. Customers, patrons, and employees all share an appreciation for having clean facilities In fact having clean facilities is a boon towards your customer service because it communicates that you care for their comfort and health.

Better than Paper Toilet Covers

Often times when we use a public restroom, there are paper toilet seat covers. One might ask how and why using our plastic toilet seat covers are better than paper. We hope to persuade you to our way of thinking. First off, as we have mentioned, paper covers are messy. Our plastic toilet seat covers help to mitigate mess. Secondly, our toilet seat covers are automatic. They do not rip as you try to gently position them, hoping they won’t fall in before you can sit down. Finally, our plastic covers provide a clean surface every time you sit instead of just covering up a dirty one with paper (which is absorbent we might add).

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