User Benefits

by | RokTabs FP

Improved Sanitary Conditions

Public restrooms are the perfect gathering place for harmful germs and bacteria. When our sanitary toilet seat covers are used, the conditions improve. Users will enjoy lower exposure to unwanted germs and bodily fluids.

Lowered Chance of Accidental Exposure

Our sanitary toilet seats prevent the need for users to touch anything to enjoy protection. This reduces the risk of germ exposure.

Reduced Restroom Maintenance Costs

The Brill Sanitary System will help REDUCE Restroom Maintenance Costs. With paper seat covers multiple covers are usually pulled out at the same time, with some going down the toilet, and others ending up on the floor. Many times these multiple seat covers will stuff up the toilets, resulting in an overflowing toilet, and a mess on the floor that requires a lot of cleaning and sometimes even a plumber; this results in increased costs and customer complaints.
Our automatic toilet seat covers don’t leave messes behind. This means restrooms will stay cleaner for a longer period time. Plus, there won’t be the waste and clogged toilets associated with paper seat covers.

Improved Customer Service

Customers and patrons appreciate having access to clean and sanitary restroom facilities. The Brill sanitary toilet seat system lets customers know their health and comfort is a concern. Many of our customers believe that utilizing our seats is a marketing tool, and even gives them a competitive edge over their competition.

When it’s time to invest in sanitary toilet seat covers, the Brill name is trusted worldwide. It is our mission to improve sanitation one public restroom at a time. If you’d like to learn more about Brill and the benefits of our sanitary toilet seats, call us toll-free at (800) 330-6696 or e-mail us at