What can be worse than a dirty toilet seat?

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Regardless of where you go; other than home of course, there can be a fear of using the facilities, as some call the restroom. This is only natural because, after all, they are open to the public and who is to know who was last to use the toilet and whether this person was clean or not.

In many public restrooms the owners of the place try their best to provide their customers with some sense of cleanliness and hygiene by offering liquid hand soap that is dispensed when you wave your hand under the nozzle and water faucets that provide water in the same manner, put your hands under the faucet and, like magic, out comes water. Once you have finished washing your hands thoroughly, without ever having touched a thing, you now place your hands under an air dryer, and once again, you don’t have to touch a thing.

This is all wonderful, but unfortunately there is more to cleanliness and hygiene than just washing and drying your hands, the reason you are washing in the first place is that you have just finished your business. It is here where the creators of public restrooms let you down, there is little you can do about having a clean toilet seat and you certainly can’t wash your private parts in the sink like you did your hands. This can be a real issue with many people who take cleanliness and their personal hygiene seriously.

About the best the owners can do is to mount a dispenser on the wall next to the toilet and keep it loaded with paper toilet seat covers. Unfortunately half the time the dispenser is empty and you try to make do with layering the seat with toilet paper. You and I know that both of these solutions are a bit of a joke, nine times out of ten the paper simply falls in the toilet or on the floor. Women, who have the advantage of carrying a purse can tote along a canister of antibacterial wipes which are a good way to ensure a clean toilet seat but this is not a good solution for the guys who have no way to carry them around.

The best solution is the Brill solution. A sanitary plastic tube that goes completely around the toilet seat, it is cleverly disposed of after every use, when the next visitor enters the cubicle they find another hands free solution. Just as you wash and dry without touching anything, you can now provide 100 percent cleanliness with the wave of your hand; no fuss – no muss.