Your Alternative to Paper Toilet Seat Covers

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Automatic Toilet Seat CoverSo you’re trying to find an alternative to the cheap wholesale paper toilet seat covers that you have been using, and probably with good reason. After all, there is nothing worse than walking into a dirty restroom and attempting to use the facilities. Remember, if you find it to be annoying or disgusting, your customers will as well, and probably even more so. For years, businesses have been attempting, in vain, to combat messy toilets and germs using paper toilet seat covers. While this might help to an extent, there are a few problems. First of all, in order for them to protect against germs, everyone would have to use the toilet seat covers to protect the seats. Of course we know that not everyone does, but even if they did by some stretch of the imagination, there is also the fact that these toilet seat covers rip, tear, or will not stay in one place. Eventually, something has to give, and it is usually the toilet seat that you are trying to protect. There is no one to blame in this scenario; the customer is simply attempting to use the facilities, and you are attempting to protect those facilities with a substandard product which up till now was really the only choice. It no longer has to be your only choice! The Brill seat solution is one that has been employed in a number of establishments across the United States, and you can easily use it to replace paper toilet seat covers for public restrooms rather than dealing with the poor quality and sometimes hilarity that accompanies that paper variants. 

What is the Brill Seat Solution?

When you are finally ready to replace those public toilet seat paper covers the Brill seat is an amazing system, and it is waiting for you to take advantage of it. First of all, users of the Brill seat will never actually touch the seat, but rather the plastic tubing that is dispensed around it. Because the toilet seat is a closed ring, the toilet seat cover will actually move over it effortlessly, creating a sanitary barrier between the user and the toilet seat.

While the Brill seat is useful, in commercial applications, you should also consider it for medical facilities and especially handicapped stalls. Toilet seat covers are necessary in handicapped stalls, as you probably know, but what you may not realize, is that handicapped patrons have great difficulty actually placing the covers on the toilet seat. This, however, can be mitigated significantly with a system like Brill. This allows for a more hygienic toilet that will provide a pleasurable experience for anyone that chooses to use your facilities.

Economical Solution

There are many benefits to using the Brill seat system, but the economic ones are definitely not to be overlooked. These replacements for public toilet seat covers wholesale will help to reduce waste in your restroom, keep the seat covers from being flushed down the toilet, and most importantly, you will reduce the amount of janitorial work that is required in your establishment. In the end you will have happier customers, a clean toilet, and a more impressive bottom line. No pun intended.

The Logical Choice

You might, for at least a moment, think that it is cheaper to use bulk paper toilet seat covers wholesale in your business. This is, of course, as opposed to purchasing the high tech, motion controlled Brill seat. This, however, is a fallacy of logic. The problem, is that the paper toilet seat covers are considerably more expensive when you consider how they add up over the years. With the Brill seat cover you will gain more coverage, meaning the user will not need to employ more than one cover at a time. In fact, they actually cannot. The Brill seat is an outstanding investment that you will certainly not regret. Take a look at our website today and determine just how you want to work the Brill system into your current operation. Your customers will appreciate the gesture, and you will appreciate what it does for your profits.

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