Airports Can Save Money With Toilet Seat Covers That Are Disposable

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Airports are, by their nature, full of people 24/7. Those people are going to be streaming in and out of your bathrooms all day, and so keeping them clean can be a real challenge. Are you looking for a way to keep your bathrooms clean while cutting back in maintenance costs? Then toilet seat covers that are disposable could be the way to go. Read on to find out more.

The Sanitation Of Your Bathrooms Is Important

If everything goes to plan, your visitors should only be with you for a few hours at most. However, more than likely that not they’re going to visit your bathrooms. That’s thousands of people every hour in your bathrooms, leading to high maintenance costs. After all, you’ve got to have staff checking and cleaning those bathrooms regularly. Without them, those bathrooms are going to become unsanitary, quickly.

What’s The Solution?

Toilet Seat CoversYou need to save money, while still keeping those bathrooms clean. What’s the solution?

Disposable toilet seat covers are the answer. There’s lots of businesses that use them, and if your airport isn’t using them yet they should be. All your customer has to do is pull one from the dispenser, place it on the toilet seat, and they can use a bathroom that’s clean and neat.

Having these covers keeps your bathrooms cleaner, for longer. You’ll find that by using them, you need to check and clean them much less frequently than you used to. That means that your staff can focus on the jobs where they’re really needed, rather than spending hours scrubbing toilets.

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Are The Future

Want to really invest in your bathrooms? Automatic disposable toilet covers could be the answer. These systems use disposable toilet seat covers, but the customer never needs to touch the seat at all.

These systems are installed on each toilet, and when someone enters the stall, they spring into action. The old toilet seat cover is removed from the seat and cut off, while a new one is placed on the seat. This works on a sensor, much like an automatic flush. Your customers get a guaranteed clean toilet, every time they use it. What could be better?

Your customers will love them, because they don’t have to touch the toilet and they get a clean seat. You’ll love it, as you won’t have to deal with paper toilet seat covers, which can find their way onto the floor sometimes. Either way, your bathrooms are cleaner, for longer!

Benefits Of Paper Toilet Seat Covers

There’s lots of reasons why businesses decide to use paper toilet seat covers. Here are just a few:

  • disposable toilet seat coversThey’re inexpensive: As a preventative measures, paper toilet seat covers are much cheaper than other ways of keeping your bathroom clean. Customers can simply grab one whenever they’re needed, meaning your staff have to do less upkeep to keep them clean.
  • They’re hygienic: There’s been a big move towards introducing automation in public bathrooms, with good reason. Automatic hand dryers, faucets, and even doors mean that germs cannot be spread by hand. The automatic toilet seat covers take this one step further. If a customer doesn’t have to touch the toilet, you’re stopping germs before they can get started.
  • They improve the customer experience: You want customers to come away with a good impression of your airport. There’s no better place to impress them than your bathrooms. Paper toilet seat covers show that you care about their experience, and that you’re doing your best to keep them clean as possible. Customers appreciate that, and will remember even when they’re thousands of miles away.

As you can see, paper toilet seat covers are more important than you’d think when it comes to your bathrooms. Invest in good quality seat covers, and you’ll be amazed at the difference they make to your bathrooms.