Are Automatic Toilet Seat Covers an Asset for Night Clubs?

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Night clubs can be a pretty tricky business, especially when it comes to sanitation. You have quite a bit to worry about, as you already know, and a lot of the problems actually start in the front room – the place where the most customers will always congregate. If you currently run a night club then you are already well aware of the issues that can plague you and there is absolutely no reason for us to delve into it.

What we will delve into however is the bathroom, which can definitely be on par with your dance floor, your dining areas, and everything in between. When you walk into the bathroom of a nightclub, you’re probably going to find a nightmare, but with automatic toilet seat covers, it’s one that doesn’t have to last forever.

Get Automatic Toilet Seat Covers to Keep a More Sanitary Venue

So you want to keep your venue a bit more sanitary than in the past and who can blame you? The bathrooms in night clubs are an absolute nightmare – you know what happens in here. On top of the horrendous situations that can arise, you also have to look beneath the surface. Contrary to popular belief, germs can most definitely congregate on toilet seats and they are also most definitely communicable.

The old myths about toilets being unable to spread germs and disease is absolutely untrue – all of these things can happen with a toilet seat, and those are only the sanitation issues. As you can imagine, another major issue that you will find yourself experiencing with toilet seats is the disgust of customers and patrons as they visit your facility. It’s not going to be a good situation by any means, and oftentimes toilet seat sanitary covers play into the problem.

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Problems with Toilet Seat Sanitary Covers

There are a few problems with using typical disposable sanitary seat covers, the first being that you’ll end up losing a good portion of them to the toilet. Let’s face it, people don’t’ know that they’re not supposed to flush those and they’re going to do it one way or another. Your industrial toilets might be a bit stronger than anything you’d find in residential bathroom, but your plumbing still needs a break every once in a while. The constant flushing of toilet seat covers will take their toll and you will eventually be faced with calling a plumber or dealing with a massive restroom flood which will cause an even greater health hazard, ultimately closing down your facility. Yes, your bathroom is that important.

Along with the toilet seat covers causing plumbing issues you also have to consider the fact that they’re going to end up everywhere, and we do mean everywhere. On the floor of the bathroom, in the venue itself, essentially anywhere BUT the bathroom trash can. It’s a problem, it has to stop and Brillseat can help.

Bring Brillseat into the Equation

BrillseatThere is nothing more important than fixing the sanitation issue, but you want to make sure you actually do it right. The best way to accomplish that is by installing the solution from Brillseat – the ultimate toilet seat cover solution. So what does it mean to you exactly? How important is it that you use it? First of all, it’s a completely different solution in that it comes with the entire seat rather than just the covers, at least the first time.

The second difference is that the covers are never actually removed from the seat as they are attached to the seat, and fed through using a motor. In addition to that, they are made from a thick plastic, which ensures they are not damaged during the process.

As you can see, there are plenty of reason to look into this automatic toilet seat cover system, and it won’t be too long before you are able to protect your bathroom from germs, contamination, and disease – it’s a great way to improve things! Look into our solution today and make sure that your club is ready for the night crowd. You’re going to need it.