The Best Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers

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automatic toilet seat cover dispenserEveryone likes going out whether it is to their favorite restaurant or to something a bit less casual. Maybe a birthday, or perhaps even an anniversary dinner. No matter what it happens to be, you’re bound to have endless amounts of fun, at least until you encounter the need to relieve yourself, and you then realize that the only option you have, is to enter a public restroom. You know that it has to be done, but you also know the manner of germs that the public restrooms, and more specifically, toilet seats can easily collect and spread. As you stare from afar at the bathroom you come to realize that the sign on the door is not a welcome, it is a warning – a warning that denotes the sheer number of people that have stepped through that portal and experience absolute horror that escalated the moment they opened the stall door and realized what sort of horror they had descended into. If only they had been able to use sanitary toilet seat covers.

Our Savior: The Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers

Though public restrooms are a nightmare straight from the realms of poorly written horror films, you , as a proprietor, can easily offset that by using toilet seat covers. There are several types of toilet seat covers on the market, but the most common of these that you will find are those which come from a paper dispenser. Though they are not made from the same material as toilet paper they are similar, and as such they are fairly easy to dispose of. The only problem, however, is that many customer seem to think it is a good idea to dispose of them by flushing down the toilet. While this might be a good idea for them, it hurts you considerably in the long run.

There are other issues with these types of covers, most of which affect the customer directly. For example the seat covers do fall into the toilet easily which can account for so many people flushing them. Additionally, they are difficult to keep straight when sitting down. Yes, they do help to an extent, but there are still many problems that need to be worked out. The question, however, is how you improve on a product that has been around for decades? That’s easy, you use the best sanitary toilet covers provided by Brill.

Brill Provides and Immeasurable Difference

The Brill toilet seat system is one that you will be enjoying for many years to come, and it is a considerable improvement over what we had in the past. First of all, your customers will no longer pull the covers on their own. Instead, they will rely on an automated system attached to the seat which will rotate the toilet seat covers for them. These plastic covers will be changed each time the individual stands, and through this, the toilet seat will never actually be touched by the customer. The Brill system is completely automated, though there is a manual rotation button in the event the motion sensor does not trip, or if you simply want to see how cool the thing is as it goes around. Either one of these are perfectly acceptable.

The Brill seat has already been accepted as an alternative to cheap sanitary toilet seat covers all over the world. You can find the Brill seat covers in restrooms all over the United States, though you can find some of the initial locations by taking a look at the website. The bottom line, is that the Brill system DOES in fact work, and it does increase the satisfaction of customers in ways you could never imagine. Are you ready to improve the way your business functions? If so then you have to start from the ground up, or in this case, from the bathroom up. Start considering the Brill alternative now, it is not something that you are going to regret, and your customers will most certainly thank you for it. The Brill system is an amazing improvement and a great replacement for what was becoming an outdated amenity, and it will continue to impress for many years to come