Are Paper Toilet Seat Covers the Next big thing?

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Increasing competition in business has also given a rise to customer demand and complaints. Customer’s complaints are increasing regarding the cleanliness of public restrooms. A lot of businesses will make the mistake of not maintaining the restrooms which are a very important part of any business and it affects the customer experience as well. A clean public restroom gives a very good impression to the customer. Customers have in many cases expressed how their experience has improved and made an impression with a tidy, sanitary and neat restroom. Brill Hygienic Products have helped many businesses leave the best impression on their customers from the paper toilet seat covers for public restrooms.

The everlasting impression given by our paper toilet seat covers comes from the automatic system used which is hands-free. It helps customers feel more secure using a public restroom which in many cases is the perfect place for bacteria and harmful germs. Once the customer enters the restroom stall our automatic seat cover system is engaged. Another way to engage the Brill sanitary paper toilet seat covers is to wave at the green motion sensor which is wall mounted. Customers can also use a green button on the seat to engage a new paper seat cover. This hands-free system saves many from any accidental touch that may cause the spread of harmful germs or bacteria; also it keeps the toilet sanitary and customers more comfortable.

The high customer satisfaction that has been achieved by Brill Hygienic Products has helped many businesses. It is also one of the main reasons that our popularity has been increasing with many businesses. The automatic paper toilet seat covers for public restrooms has been popular with customers due to the technology that is hands-free and most people are comfortable using a new seat cover. We ensure that you give your customer a hygienic environment that is something they have not experienced before. Our quality and services are unmatched. Many businesses would still rather use toilet paper but what you need to think about is that when the toilet paper is used on the seat, it either ends up on the floor or in the toilet which is bad because it makes the floor look dirty and could cause blockages in the toilet which means more work.

Often creating an impressive sanitary restroom may not be a priority for businesses but it should be the highest priority. Not only does it affect the customer experience but your employees deserve it too. We have made our automatic system of paper toilet seat covers for public restrooms extremely easy to use and it would also be of best use with restrooms in high traffic locations. Our systems not only provide the best quality but are durable as well.

Paper Toilet Seat Covers

How Paper Toilet Seat Covers for Public Restrooms Can Help Your Business?

We are often asked how our paper toilet seat covers can help and for the same reason we have listed a number of ways that Brill Hygienic Products can help not just customers but businesses as well.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed – Our success has come from the need that is created by the customers and we have always strived to perfect customer satisfaction, not only for ourselves but for many businesses as well. Public toilet seat paper covers are a very popular automatic product that makes anyone using the restroom feel safe and comfortable. The hands-free technology gives people the ease of having a clean toilet without doing anything. This comfort is enough to satisfy many customers but why stop there, we have also made sure our paper toilet seat covers helps provide a hygienic environment which is germ and bacteria free.
  • Appearance Improvement–Brill sanitary toilet system don’t just make the best user experience but also create a product that will appear to make the restroom look much better. It is also an add-on to the hard work business put in making their restrooms look clean and elegant.
  • Reducing Expenses On Maintenance – From the many reason Brill public toilet seat paper covers is famous, one of the top reason is how it reduces cost on maintenance in your restroom. You will not have to worry about a blocked toilet due to access use of toilet paper anymore and neither will you have as much cleaning done with our systems in place. This has helped reduce the cost for many organizations.