Public Toilet Seat Paper Covers for Peace of Mind

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When your customer has to use a restroom in your facility, the last thing they want to think about is entering a stall and sitting on an unclean seat. The janitorial service or one of your own staff members are not able to come every so often to clean the toilets, however, keeping on hand public toilet seat paper covers can keep the seats protected and give your customers some peace of mind.

When people are out and about running errands and such, there is a point in the day when they may have to make a pit stop to the restroom. Customers would like to step into a clean restroom. From having the necessary supply of paper towels for drying hands to public toilet seat paper covers in the stalls will give them a clean experience.

Sanitary Paper Toilet Seat Covers for Your Restroom

pro-2Sanitary paper toilet seat covers are one of the best things to have in your restroom for customers and employees. These seat covers are simple to use because the person will be able to switch automatically by the swipe of the hand. This allows people to have their own sanitary paper toilet seat covers without having to touch the toilet themselves and make adjustment to the seat covers. Once they have been used, the seat covers will switch around and be shredded inside the housing that is attached to the toilet seat. It only takes a few seconds to change the seat cover and feel comfortable in sitting on the toilet seat instead of trying to hover and balance.

Some people tend to avoid a public restroom after already experience some that they feel are unsanitary. They may wait until they return home or go to another place that is entirely better. This can make a business loose business. Your customers should have an option of having a nice restroom to visit when need be and a sanitary one. Don’t be the business that overlook having sanitary paper toilet seat covers as an appearance of a stall can either scare off a customer or welcome them in.

Brill Resolves Your Paper Toilet Seat Covers for Public Restrooms

Brill can resolve your paper toilet seat covers for public restrooms by providing your company with paper seat covers that will give your customers a barrier between the toilet seat and them. When using the seat covers, your company will also be saving money because they are inexpensive, keep your restrooms more sanitary and janitorial staff will be spend less time cleaning the restrooms which will reduce the expense of their services.

When you have available paper toilet seat covers for public restrooms, Brill passes the savings straight to you. The savings are being passed to you because we provide wholesale products, we own our own distribution center which makes our materials to provide you with quality seat covers. We know that it is important for your restrooms to be a germ free environment and to keep that area clean and presentable as possible.

Paper Toilet Seat Covers Shows You Take Care of Details

Although providing paper toilet seat covers in your restrooms may just be a convenience to some businesses, however, it shows that you know how to take care of details. Customers and employees will see that you are keeping their needs in mind even though this is a simple act. Having trust in your business is a sign of good faith and a returning customer.

Using paper toilet seat covers can be the start for business that are just beginning. Brill even provides a system that can replace those types of seat covers that can become short lived and put in place a system to keep any mess contained as much as possible.

Brill has been in business for over 25 years. We want to be able to help you take the work out of maintaining the restrooms. Your restroom will benefit from having our system that in the end will give you a healthy restroom environment and saving you money. If you are looking to make a change for your restrooms, you can contact us at 1-800-330-6696. We look forward in doing business with you.