Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Should be Essential to any Bathroom Remodeling job

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Most of us are acquainted with toilet seat covers in public restrooms; the most widely used covers are made of tissue paper shaped like the toilet seat. They come in a wall-mounted dispenser, usually located behind the toilet and feature a cut-out portion that hangs down into the toilet bowl and is flushed away after use.

The name of the inventor as well as the year the tissue covers were invented is uncertain, but most customers using a public restroom will gladly take advantage of these when available. It is nearly impossible to know how many people actually use these paper covers versus another method to prevent direct contact with the seat and how many live life on the edge by actually sitting on the toilet seat.

A Better Way

public bathroom toilet coversWhat if you could have a barrier between your derriere and the public toilet seat without lifting a finger? With a Brill automatic toilet seat covers system the mechanism causes the plastic toilet seat cover to automatically rotate, shredding the used cover and replacing it with a fresh new shield as each person stands up, sort of like auto-flush, so every time you sit you are good to go. Literally.

For business owners, this product, unlike the paper covers, won’t clog up the toilet because the used liners do not go into the toilet like paper covers. Yes, they are “flushable,” but we all know how too much toilet paper can clog a toilet, so it is easy to see how this can happen, especially in a public restroom. I don’t know why, but people do things in a public restroom they wouldn’t dare do at home, like leaving the sink counter flooded, the water on, hand towels on the floor, and toilets clogged up. This is bad enough, but parents often let small children who should be supervised run amuck, and often this can lead to a problem.

How Do Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Work?

The best public restroom toilet covers are touchless. With paper covers, you have to touch them and place by hand. Sometimes poorly designed dispensers allow more than one cover to slide out and onto the floor, where there is a good chance they will be left there or worse, someone might just try to flush them all.

Plastic toilet covers for public restrooms remove that concern, but some systems operate by push button or a sensor and are still dependent on the user to dispense these covers. Brill Hygienic Products, Inc. removed this problem by designing their system to rotate when the user stands.

Protecting the Public

automatic seat covers The best public bathroom toilet covers protect you from germs that can linger in public bathrooms; while it is true that every toilet carries potentially unhealthy germs, this problem is multiplied by the number of toilets in the room. For example, a public restroom with four toilets produces four times the germs. No one can avoid all germs; it’s just not possible, but, having said that the more you can reduce your exposure the less chance you have of being infected. It is, for this reason, everyone should always wash their hands with soap (rinsing your hands does zero good because only soap kills germs) for at least 20 seconds (singing the “Happy Birthday” song takes about 20 seconds – and you don’t have to sing out loud).

If you are a business owner, your customers come first and you, even in your restrooms or maybe in this area more than any other, want them to have confidence in you. Restaurants especially need to ensure public restrooms are clean, well lit, fully stocked, and even decorated to please the eye, among other things.

However, it’s not only restaurants that need a welcoming sanitary bathroom. Any businesses that have restrooms open to the public want to make a favorable impression, but even businesses that have only employee bathrooms need to be concerned with sanitary facilities. Combining automatic flushing toilets with automatic seat covers doubles the reduction in spreading germs.

When a business is going through a restroom remodel, making a change to the more sanitary toilet covers just makes sense.