Automatic Toilet Seat Covers for Factories

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There can be several dozen people coming in and out of a factory any given day. Factories are a hive of activity since work has to get done in a timely and efficient manner. This means people moving in and out of the factory at almost every hour of the day. These same people will often make use of the bathroom facilities at least once or twice during their work day. When so many people are sharing the same space it’s unavoidable a mess will occur.

Keep Bathrooms Clean

automatic toilet seat coversBathrooms can quickly become dirty due to people not cleaning up after themselves, water being splashed around, and even toilet articles being left on the ground. The mess can be hard to deal with when personnel responsible for cleaning the bathroom or unable to clean up regularly. This is one of the many reasons why so many establishments and businesses have turned to automatic toilet seat covers.

Here at Brill Seat, we understand the hassle of having to keep a bathroom nearly spotless. Patrons who use the facilities may not always be so mindful enough to clean up after themselves. Our automatic toilet seat cover system helps to ensure the bathroom stays as clean as possible between patrons.

More Hygienic for Patrons

Traditional toilet seat covers are simply ineffective at doing their job. The majority of these toilet seat covers are made out of a very thin and fragile paper or plastic. People rarely use them, but even if they do they have to manually lay the toilet seat cover onto the toilet seat. This means people’s hands come in contact with the toilet seat when in fact they wanted to avoid it at all costs. Even when the toilet seat cover is properly applied it can easily fall into the water, slide to the floor from a slight breeze, or even rip and tear from slight handling.

Our automatic toilet seat cover dispenser on the other hand eliminates these problems right from the start. The hands free system means patrons don’t have to worry about having to manually place their toilet seat cover ever again. How it works is that the dispenser covers the toilet seat between each use with a sheet of plastic. When a patron is done using the toilet the dispenser rolls up the used plastic in a roll. This prevents the plastic from being reused and covers up the toilet seat with a fresh sheet of plastic. This provides a fresh surface for the next person who comes in to use the facilities.

Helps Save Money on Labor & Cleaning Time

automatic toilet seat cover dispenserThe truth about bathrooms is that they take a long time to clean. Even when the bathroom is completely spotless, it can quickly become mess in less then an hour. Our hands off system makes it easy for cleaning personnel to do their work more effectively without having to waste time picking up toilet articles from the ground. When it comes to replenishing the automatic toilet seat covers they simply have to remove the roll of plastic, throw it away, and place a fresh role on the other side. This only takes a few seconds to complete so they’re able to move on to the next toilet seat.

Factories can also save money on having to constantly replace toilet seat covers. Traditional toilet seat covers often end up on the ground instead of on the actual toilet seat. Our system ensures no toilet seat cover falls on the ground since the system is completely hand’s free.

Why deal with the constant struggle of traditional toilet seat covers? Our hands free system makes it easier to keep the bathroom clean as possible. Each time a patron uses the facilities they can rest assured they have a fresh surface that only they have touched. Invest in our automatic toilet seat covers today and see what you’ve been missing.