Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Help Keep Your Business Afloat

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There are a few things your customers judge your business on: quality of your product, customer service, price and cleanliness of your building—especially your bathrooms. If a company does not take time to keep the restrooms well maintained, it is a sign that other areas of the business may be getting neglected too. Making a clean restroom a priority will goa long way to improving public image and promoting a happy work place. A huge culprit in dirty bathrooms is toilet paper and toilet seat covers.

When you have a steady flow of customers in and out of your business all day, it can be difficult to keep it clean. Automatic toilet seat covers can help save the day. Our hands free automatic toilet seat cover is a great way to reduce trash in your company bathrooms.

Reduce waste with an automatic toilet seat cover

Using an automatic toilet seat cover is a simple way to reduce waste in your bathroom. Traditional toilet seat covers require users to snag a paper cover from a container behind the toilet, wrangle it out onto the seat and dispose of it into the toilet after using the restroom. It’s not uncommon to see stray papers lying on the floor in public restrooms because they stick together, get stuck to shoes and get traipsed all over. An automatic toilet seat cover dispenser prevents this from happening.

A customer simply waves their hand in front of the dispenser and a cover is automatically placed onto the seat. No waste. Once the user is finished, the cover is automatically deposited into the toilet for disposal. This reduces waste on your floor and reduces waste of toilet seat covers.

Customers will no longer have to resort to using toilet paper to cover the toilet seat and potentially dirtying the bathroom space. When you have an automatic dispenser, there will always be a clean toilet seat cover at the ready.

Promote healthy routines with the best automatic toilet seat cover dispenser

You can help promote healthy bathroom routines when you incorporate the best automatic toilet seat cover dispenser into your public restrooms. A touchless toilet seat cover dispenser will limit the number of times customers have to touch things in the bathroom. This will help reduce the spread of illness and limit the impact of work-related sick days.

Remember to further encourage healthy bathroom behaviors by posting hand washing signs and making soap and water readily available to guests and employees.

Save money with a seat cover dispenser for toilets

automatic toilet seat cover dispenserAn additional benefit of using a quality automatic toilet seat cover is that you will save money. Our inexpensive toilet seat cover dispenser is very affordable and will reduce waste of the actual seat covers, which means you will need to order less. With less waste and less garbage on the floor, you may not need to spend as much time cleaning up the bathroom, which will save you time and money.

In addition, using the dispensers will encourage better hygiene in the bathroom which could reduce employee sick days, saving you time and productivity. Reducing the spread of germs by decreasing the number of places a customer or employee has to touch in the bathroom, cuts down on the spread of germs and illness.

Creating a clean environment for your customers will help instill trust in your company and creating a happier customer base. When your customer walks into your restroom and they are greeted with freshly scented air, clean floors and an organized toilet-seat cover system, their impression of your business will improve.

Our seat cover dispenser for toilets are easy to install and easy to use and great for your business. An American-based company, we’re happy to help improve the economy around us while providing a great service to other businesses that want to improve customer satisfaction. At Brill, we want you to be satisfied in all aspects of your purchase. We believe that our automatic seat cover dispenser for restrooms can revolutionize public restrooms. Because the paper used for toilet seat covers are biodegradable they can easily be flushed down the toilet. This environmentally-friendly product is a great way to reduce waste while promoting cleanliness in your public space.