Imagine this: Automatic Toilet Seat Covers in Your Airport

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There’s a mom with a toddler standing in the middle of your airport waiting to board the plane for her final leg of a trip. She looks tired, but she keeps her eyes on her fellow passenger, her daughter. Just as they settle into a seat at the gate her little girl starts wiggling back and forth while tugging on her mother’s shirt. “Mommy, I have to use the bathroom,” she says still wiggling from side to side. “Bad,” she adds.

Even before the mom has made a firm decision about taking the child to the bathroom she automatically begins to maneuver their carryon bags, the stroller, her purse and boarding passes. You already know what she’s thinking: she doesn’t what to deal with public bathrooms in a busy airport. But you’ve already thought ahead and have prepared the restroom for just this sort of event. The mother noticeably takes a deep breath then plops her daughter into the stroller so she can move through the airport effortlessly.

You already know that what she’ll find in the bathroom will change her mind about public restrooms; well, at least restrooms in your airport. She hustles in, passes the sinks and enters one of the stalls with her little girl in tow. There, right in front of her, is a toilet fitted with an automatic toilet seat cover dispenser. With a swift wave of her hand over the green touch free sensor the toilet seat cover slides around the seat and is ready for its next user. The mother is relieved that she doesn’t have to juggle strips of toilet paper or a flimsy seat coverwhile trying to keep her baby from touching anything. And, she doesn’t have to hold her child in a squat to keep her from touching the seat.

On this particular day, the mom is happy you made the decision to invest in the hands free automatic toilet seat cover and so are you. Wait, this is just a scenario in your imagination, but it doesn’t have to be. Go ahead and chose the best automatic toilet seat cover dispenserfor the bathroom in your airline (they’re also great to use in restaurants, clubs and other establishments with high traffic, public bathrooms).

Not only will having the device save your company money by reducing the amount of paper waste, but it will also reduce the amount of time that’s spent cleaning it up, replenishing toilet paper so frequently and cleaning nasty, unsanitary toilet seats.

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

The Workings of the Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

You’re probably wondering how these automatic covers work. It’s pretty ingenious: the seat covers are easy to operate due to the motion sensor mounted on the wall of the stall. When a user enters the bathroom stall all they have to do is wave their hand over the green sensor, the seat cover slides out of a dispenser on the left then rotates around the entire toilet seat (sealed over the top and bottom) and stops on the other side. When the next person enters to use the restroom the dispenser rolls up the used portion on the right and another perfectly clean and protected plastic toilet seat cover makes its way around again. Every user will have a fresh toilet seat cover to use.

Keep germs at bay with seat cover dispensers for toilets

Whether your customer or patrons believe that toilets seats are germ ridden or not, they do realize it’s a much more sanitary solution – and definitely less gross – to have the covers in place. It makes so much sense to have these in bathrooms everywhere because just about every public restroom is equipped with motion sensor activated towel dispensers, automatic soap dispensers and motion activated faucets. Why not take that technology into the bathroom stall as well, right?

The airport isn’t the only company or facility that should install our touchless toilet seat cover dispenser; sports arenas, schools, universities, clubs, grocery stores, big box stores, parks… the list is endless for where these seat cover dispensers for toilets should be placed.

Don’t wait any longer, go ahead and take the step to get the best automatic toilet seat cover dispenser is your establishment. You – and your patrons – will be happy you did.

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