Bathrooms without paper toilet seat covers

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When you go into a public restroom what is the first thing you do when you enter a stall? For me personally and I am sure for many of you, it probably has a lot to do with figuring out how to line the toilet seat. There is always the toilet paper method that is a hassle all in itself. All while trying to rip the perfect amount so you don’t make it fall into the toilet and have to start over with the daunting task. There are also the paper toilet seat covers for public restrooms available, if there are any left when you get in the restroom. Simply pull the toilet seat covers out of the container can cause them to rip or even have a handful fall out for your use. And what do you do with the extra ones that plop out? Most likely stuff them back in their container or place them on the back of the toilet. There goes all the sanitary when it comes to those. Touched by who knows and left for you to sit on.

The squat method

automatic toilet seat coversAs we just previously covered paper toilet seat covers for public restrooms can be a complete hassle to everyone involved. There are times where there either is none left for you to use or you just get frustrated with trying to get placement right you throw your hands in the air and go for the squat method. I bring this method of potty time in public restrooms up because not everyone likes to talk about it. There is a lot that goes into being able to correctly squat over a public toilet seat properly. You could very easily fall. Either onto the toilet seat itself or even worse plow into the side of the wall causing your neighbor to jump in fear wondering if some kind of wild animal emerged out of the toilet. Now if you happen to be the person that just falls onto the toilet seat you give yourself a good eye roll, curse the name of the paper toilet seat covers for public restrooms and do what you went in there to do. You then call your bathroom experience a complete fail. You can’t exactly wing your rear end over the counter and wash your bum in a public bathroom. I do suppose if you carry hand sanitizer with you and good once over with that ought to do the trick.

Automatic toilet seat covers

That is why BRiLL invented the automatic toilet seat cover. That is right, read that again. Automatic toilet seat covers are here to save you from the hassle, struggle, and embarrassment of paper toilet seat covers for public restrooms. There will be no more stumbling forward when trying to squat. Along with the stumbling, the potential worry of, “Will there be a paper toilet seat cover in the public restroom?” That will never cross your mind again.  Here at BRiLL Hygiene Products we offer and fun and innovative product that works a lot like an automatic paper towel dispenser. You simply wave your hand in front of the sensor and it replaces the paper toilet seat cover for you. It also takes care of the automatic toilet seat cover so you don’t have to do any touching of the toilet seat. This product is working its way around to various different establishments for the needs and desires of the public as well as hassle free cleaning experience for the business owner.

The Toilet truth

We have covered a lot of truths about paper toilet seat covers for public restrooms in this article. Some of them are not so pleasant to look back on and remember, some of them may even make us chuckle a little as we reminisce. However, the promise of the future and public restrooms when it boils down to paper toilet seat covers is bright in comparison. Putting an automatic toilet seat cover in every public restroom everywhere will ensure there is no more misuse of those easily lost seat covers. The floors will be clear of toilet seat covers that you see near your child, you are unclear and fearful on whether it has been used or just fallen victim to the “grabbing to many at once” feat. Throw away your hand sanitizer and look for BRiLL’s automatic toilet seat covers near you.