Buy the best Toilet Seat Covers 700w

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Toilet seat covers are an excellent way to create a healthier bathroom environment in your public restroom space. When you run your own business, it’s easy to come into contact with different types of germs. But, using public restroom toilet covers can help reduce the spread of germs. We over the best quality covers in the industry. Save money and improve your business and keep your employees and customers healthy when you choose the best public restroom toilet covers from Brill.

At Brill, we create and sell a better quality bathroom experience. Our protective toilet seat covers are all produced in the United States. This allows us to use the best materials, create jobs for local employees and enforce strict standards for quality.

Unique Experience

bathroom toilet seat coversWhen you order toilet covers from Brill, you get to experience a unique system designed to keep your bathroom clean, protect against germs, reduce waste and save you money. Our automatic public bathroom toilet seat covers help reduce contact with surfaces in the bathroom and prevent unintentional waste of covers. The single-used covers are automatically dispensed and disposed of, eliminating the need for restroom users to grab their own cover. Our unique system is designed to make sanitary restroom use easier for everyone.


One benefit of toilet covers for public restrooms is the ability to nearly eliminate the risk of spreading virus and bacteria, like the flu, through public restroom use. Combined with proper hand washing, public bathroom toilet seat covers help reduce exposure to germs and bacteria commonly found in bathrooms

Did you know that a Columbia study discovered that one of the dirtiest places in a public restroom is the floor? When bathroom guests have to clean up dropped toilet seat covers, they are coming into contact with hundreds of germs. Our automatic dispenser prevents the dropping of these covers on the floor.

Several studies have also shown that while hospitals generally have the cleanest bathrooms (is anyone surprised?), that airplanes and airports have the worst! Ensuring guests at the airport and in airplanes have a sanitary place to use the restroom by using cheap public bathroom toilet seat covers will seriously impact the spread of germs and public health safety.

Public bathroom toilet seat covers are easy to use

Have you ever tried to grab toilet seat covers for public restrooms, from a container behind the toilet? They are nearly impossible to get a handle on without grabbing two or three. They are hard to reach and stick together. Not only does this promote more waste, many customers will completely ignore them because they are a hassle.

In particular, the traditional style of toilet seat covers are difficult, if not impossible, for handicapped customers to use. When you purchase one of our hands-free systems, you eliminate the difficulty and create a simple means for a clean, hygienic restroom space.

Installing our dispensers is an easy, smart decision. You can make it easier for all of your customers to enjoy a clean bathroom.

Brill toilet covers are economical

bathroom toilet seat coversRunning a business can be expensive. If you are interested in saving money and reducing your impact on the environment, switching to our automatic, cheap toilet seat covers is an easy move. Our hands-free machines control the dispensing of toilet seat covers and automatically disposes of the covers at the end of the bathroom session.

Because guests do not have to grab their own, you will notice less waste. This reduces the cost you have for purchasing toilet seat covers. Additionally, because there is no waste, you will notice a significant decrease, if not complete elimination, of waste on the bathroom floor. This will save you time and money on bathroom cleaning.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have mastered the technology needed to provide you with the cleanest bathrooms possible. Taking time to invest in a system that will offer cleaner, more environmentally-friendly bathrooms will show in an increase in customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Visit our website today to learn more about the toilet seat covers we have available. Let us help you take the right steps toward a cleaner, safer bathroom for your customers.