Benefits of Cheap Public Bathroom Toilet Seat Covers

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When you run a busy business protecting covering your own rear end takes on a new meaning. Between customers, product and your property, you likely have a lot of money tied up in your company. But did you know you can cover your rear end by literally protecting your derriere? At Brill Hygienic Products we can help ensure that you keep your investment safe by helping to protect your staff and customers from germs and by helping your keep a cleaner facility. Here are a few reasons investing in automatic protective toilet seat covers can keep your bottom line and our backside healthy:

Save Money

public restroom toilet coversEvery day dozens, if not hundreds, of people come into contact with your building, including your restroom facilities. If even one of those people comes into contact with germs in the bathroom they could spread those germs all over your store.

If your employees come into contact with germs while using the restroom, they could not only spread germs to customers and staff, they are at risk of getting ill. Toilet seat covers can save you money on lost work time by ensuring that your employees stay a little cleaner in the bathroom.

We offer high quality +public restroom toilet covers that ensure there is no need for your employees or your customers to get their hands dirty. Many public bathroom toilet seat covers are difficult to use and create waste and mess on the bathroom floor. Not only can they be messy, restroom users have to physically place the covers into the toilet, increasing the risk of spreading germs. Our automatic dispensers ensure that no hand contact is required.

We know that budgets can be tight; you shouldn’t break the bank just to flush your money down the toilet. We offer quality, cheap public bathroom toilet seat covers so that you can keep your employees and customers healthy without wasting money.

Encourage Health

We offer the best public restroom toilet covers that allow employees and customers to stay healthy and safe. Did you know that some states require that public facilities provide public bathroom toilet seat covers? In addition, some states even have laws requiring that the height of dispensers meet guidelines set forth in Americans with Disabilities Act.

Our automatic dispensers will not only ensure that you meet any state and local laws regarding dispensing, but also that all of your customers and employees will have access to the protective covers. Using disposable toilet covers reduces the spread of disease and germs because they can easily be flushed down the toilet and do not need to be handled by restroom users or janitors.

When combined with proper hand washing, these covers can significantly reduce the spread of germs and viruses. Healthy bathroom activity will benefit everyone at your company. Keep your employees safe and your customers happy by encouraging healthy habits in the restroom including the use of protective seat covers and hand washing.

Stay Clean

Our toilet covers for public restrooms encourage cleanliness, not only for each person, but for your facilities. If you’ve ever visited a restroom that houses traditional toilet seat covers for public restrooms, you may have noticed that these restrooms often have covers on the floor of stalls and walking areas. Not only is this wasteful, it’s unattractive and can impact customer satisfaction.
Our automatic dispensers will ensure that your bathroom stays cleaner. We can help ensure that your bathroom stays as clean as possible. Avoid waste and possible clogged toilets with a controlled automatic dispenser.

Our environmentally friendly toilet seat covers are biodegradable and perfectly save for your plumbing system. In addition to keeping your facility waste and clutter free, we help keep the landfills just a little cleaner too.

When you are running or managing a business you have plenty of other important things on your mind. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your customers or staff is being exposed to icky germs. When you use Brill seat covers you’ll reduce waste, keep your bathroom cleaner and reduce exposure to germs. Let us help you keep your bottom line healthy! To learn more about our products contact our customer service agents at 1800.330.6696.