Can Reusable Toilet Seat Covers Save you Money?

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Brill Hygiene Products, Inc. has been in business since for over 25 years. We were founded by Alan Brill and David Jablow who had a vision for providing the very best in sanitary toilet seat covers. Over the years, we have built a steady reputation of both quality and dependability that is second to none. With our sanitary toilet seat cover system being used in thousands of locations across the United States, we are the go to company for all your restroom sanitation needs. You can find us in several casinos and airports as well as McDonald’s and Yankee Stadium. These are just a few of our thousands of satisfied clients! Can reusable toilet seat covers save you money? The answer is yes, they certainly can. With a reusable toilet seat cover system in place your business will enjoy many benefits that regular paper seat covers cannot provide.

Automatic Toilet Seat Coverssanitary toilet seat cover

At Brill Hygiene Products, Inc. we have developed innovative technology that is used in our automatic toilet seat covers. Our system allows a truly hands free system where the user never has to touch the toilet seat in any way which practically eliminates the risk of transferring germs that may be present on the toilet to other parts of the body via your hands. Because our system is totally automated there is no risk of extra paper covers being left on the floor or flushed down the toilet. By not having to flush paper covers, the danger of clogged toilets in your restroom facilities is drastically reduced which is a huge money saver in terms of unclogging toilets and cleaning up the resulting mess. In addition, our automatic toilet seat covers reduce the amount of superfluous use by only requiring one wave of the hand to change the cover.

When customers know they are using a new and hygienic seat cover each and every time, they can be assured that you have their ultimate comfort and health in mind. With less mess and less waste, our reusable toilet seat covers can save you money. For information on our revolutionary system, you can visit our website at to see how our system works, read testimonials from satisfied customers and get information on how to start using our system for your business. There is no better way to way to give your customers that added level of protection than by installing our automatic toilet seat covers to your restrooms. We already supply thousands of businesses with our state of the art system in which a new toilet seat cover is dispersed at the wave of a hand over a wall mounted sensor or the simple touch of a green button. The used seat cover speeds away while a new, clean seat cover is dispensed to take its place. The security this gives the user is incomparable and can do nothing but improve your business’s reputation.

The Best Sanitary Toilet Covers

Everyone has to use the restroom at some point while out and about, and let’s face it, using a public restroom is often not a pleasant experience especially if you have children in tow. Using the best sanitary toilet covers for your business restrooms can make using a public restroom a nicer experience for your customers, and they will remember that. An unpleasant restroom experience can often keep customers from coming back with repeat business and word of mouth of your restrooms can hurt your business even more. However, having a clean restroom that puts your customers at ease can assure you a good reputation and bring business to you.

We can provide you with the best sanitary toilet covers on the market today. Our automatic system is manufactured totally in the United States and assures our customers of the highest quality, reliability and customer service. With our automatic toilet seat cover system in place you, your employees and your customers can experience less risk of germs being transmitted and the security of a clean environment that will save you money in cleaning and maintenance costs. Call us today at 1-800-330-6696 or email us at for more information. We are waiting to hear from you!