Disposable Toilet Seat Covers for Your Restroom

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No one likes to think about where their toilet seat is been. Some people forgo visiting the restroom all together when they believe the area is unclean or dirty. Adding disposable toilet seat covers to your restroom stalls is a great way to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and clean when they do their business. With a low investment cost and a lot of consumer appeal, disposable toilet covers are the perfect addition to your public restroom.


What are Disposable Sanitary Toilet Covers?

Disposable Toilet Seat CoversFor most public restrooms, disposable sanitary toilet covers are thin pieces of paper in a small box above the toilet. The thin paper is placed on the seat cover before it is used. Automatic toilet seat covers replace the paper and the need to locate the box in the stall. Instead, the seat cover is added to the toilet automatically with each flush. This hands free mechanism is perfect for schools, retirement homes, doctor’s offices, retail locations and more.

Rather than using paper, automatic toilet seat covers use a thin plastic that promotes better hygiene. Paper is thin, and sometimes it does not protect you from excess moisture or germs. Plastic seals the seat and is dissuaded completely after each flush, ensuring that the seat is always clean. Toilet seat covers that are disposable should have these great features because they promote a more sanitary way of using the restroom.

Online videos can show you the exact difference between automatic toilet seat covers and paper ones. Once you see the difference, you will know why this is a growing industry trend and why people feel so comfortable using them. They are simple to use and can offer your customers peace of mind when they visit your restroom.

Wholesale public restroom toilet seat covers have a lot of benefits, aside from the sanitary. Maintenance costs on restrooms that use automatic covers tend to be a lot lower than those that rely on their paper equivalents. This is because many people use too many covers or flush their covers, which can cause damage to the toilet. Because the plastic is automatic, you won’t need to worry about contacting a plumber, making a mess or being wasteful.


Getting Wholesale Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Many people are apprehensive about making the investment of automatic seat covers because of finances. Working with a company that offers wholesale disposable toilet seat covers can help offset some of the cost of the investment. It also helps you to ensure that you have the same level of quality, just at a more affordable rate.

When looking for cheap disposable toilet covers, think of Brill Seat. Our company carries a wide variety of disposable toilet covers for public restrooms. Our high standards always promote good hygiene. We are passionate about are work and are always trying to find ways to improve quality. We want to be much more than a company that provides cheap wholesale disposable toilet covers, we want to be one of the top sources of covers.

Brill uses computerized technology to help improve your restroom experience. Our wholesale covers are disposable and safe to use in every setting. The technology eliminates the risk that the plastic will be reused and disposes of it in a sanitary and safe matter.


How to Buy Wholesale Sanitary Toilet Covers

Like all good business investments, finding public restroom disposable toilet covers for sale starts online. Research different manufacturers and learn about the benefits seat covers have to offer. There are a few different kinds to choose from and each has its own appeal. Don’t rush the decision, and really think about how your customers or patens would feel about your decision. Brill has a wealth of information on our website about the economical, maintenance and hygienic benefits of plastic toilet seat covers.

Buying wholesale sanitary toilet covers can be a very easy process. Simply use the contact us feature to get in touch with one of our customer service representatives. They will help you analyze your needs and find a solution that truly works for your business structure. Contact them today to learn more.