Do Disposable Toilet Covers For Public Restrooms prevent diseases?

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Many people worry about personal hygiene when going to a public restroom, Brill Hygienic Products make sure you don’t worry anymore about your personal hygiene when using a public restroom anymore. We have the best public restroom disposable toilet covers developed using the best material and strict quality check standards. Never will you feel the horror of using a public toilet and what you may find with the safe to sit on sanitary and clean disposable seats from Brill Hygienic Products.

You can now feel safe for your hygiene and it is hands-free which make it even better. Rather than using toilet paper on seat covers that are being used over and over again in public restrooms, you can use our automatic seat covers which is uniquely designed to give comfort and safety. This is a one-time plastic seat cover that will automatically after each use cover the toilet. Infections and germs, especially in public toilets, are a huge concern. Especially during the seasons of flu and cold.

How the Disposable Toilet Seat Covers Work

The technology used at Brill is computerized. Very similar to have a camera works, we have set the disposable toilet covers to be functional in a way that it will automatically replace the seat with a new one every time. The seat contains a new roll of plastic tubing sanitary on the left side. How it feeds onto the toilet is by encasing the tubing ring seat to keep it sanitary. It repeats the same process after each use by cutting off the used portion using an internal razor. After which it rewinds to the right to make sure that the used plastic is not reused.  You can view our video online to see how the toilet seat works since it seems hard to believe.

The Brill seat technologies have become hugely popular with many patrons and as businesses have started to give importance to having disposable toilet covers for public restrooms.

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Benefits of Using Our Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

We find it best to let consumers know the benefits of using our public restroom disposable toilet covers since it helps in answering many questions one may have regarding disposable toilet seat covers. As the world progresses in technology we don’t want to feel left behind and neither do we want our consumers to feel that way. Our automated system carefully designed to work at its best, providing a cleaner and healthier environment.

  • Better Sanitary Environments – Our sanitary disposable toilet covers are specially designed for public restrooms where the most bacteria and harmful germs are found. Also, now you will not need to worry about exposure to bodily fluids as well.
  • Lesser Chance of Unintentional Exposure – Our hands-free technology helps you avoid accidentally exposure and the need to touch anything which keeps you protected. You will never need to worry about exposure to germs.
  • Cost Effective Solution For Restrooms – How our disposable toilet covers for public restrooms is a cost effective solution, is one of the questions we love answering the most. The cost of toilet paper being used on seats in public restrooms is very high, at times problematic as well. After the toilet paper is used on the seat it ends up either inside the toilet or on the floor. In a case where it ends up inside the toilet and blocks it, you will be getting customer complaints and will have a lot of work to do. You may even need a plumber. If the toilet paper ends up on the floor, it does not give a good impression to your customers and this often requires cleaning more often which also increases cost. Brill Hygienic Products disposable toilet seat covers will save you from both, blockage due to toilet paper and toilet paper on the floor. Besides that, of course, it will save you from the ongoing cost of buying more toilet paper.
  • Customer Satisfaction Achieved – Customers always appreciate a nice, clean and hygienic restroom. Customer experience is essential for most businesses and most customers are concerned about their comfort and hygiene. Many complaints by customers are also regarding their comfort and hygiene. So to take special care of the customers that play a huge part in any business it may be essential to have a clean restroom.

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