Everything you need to know about the best automatic toilet seat covers and dispensers

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Toilet Seat CoversToilet germs are hard to wash away as every time a toilet is used, it leaves traces of infections and germs. It does not matter how much effort you put into cleaning your washroom the bacteria will keep on building. The case is worse with the public washroom in companies or restaurants. With hundreds of people using the toilet, it becomes nearly impossible to keep the toilet seat tidy.

The only way to control these germs is to minimize the number of time a human body encounters with the toilet seat. The answer lies in the touchless toilet seat cover dispenser, which is an automatic machine and activates as soon as it senses any movement. The Brill Hygiene provides an automatic toilet seat cover which uses motion sensor to sense any movement and replaces the old seat cover with the new one.

Why use an Automatic toilet seat cover in your office?

You might think that using an automatic toilet seat cover would be an expensive that you should avoid, but in reality, installing this can not only save you on your toilet maintenance cost but also increase an overall employee productivity.

Toilet seat is a breeding ground for germs. Considering an office where a seat is used hundreds of times, the seat can easily spread various infections which can lead towards sick leaves. The effect can multiply if proper care is not practiced. Using an automatic touchless toilet seat cover dispenser can lead towards healthier employees and hence better productivity.

Using the toilet seat cover in restaurants and clubs can also lead towards enhanced customer satisfaction and more returning customers. According to a research, it can save a woman up to 15 seconds in the toilet by using an automatic toilet seat cover.

How does a hands-free automatic toilet seat cover work?

Using a seat cover can be quite difficult when it comes to removing the old covers and changing it with a new one. Most of the people tend to avoid going through the hassle and use the toilet without a cover. An automatic seat covers allows to use without any work required. A simple wave over the motion sensor activates the machine which turns on green and places a fresh plastic cover. When done, the cover is removed for the new user.

What are the advantages of using a seat cover dispenser for toilets?

  • Hassle free: Regular toilet covers are messy and hard to use. By using a seat cover dispenser, you can promote the use of covers to create a better environment. As this machine works automatically, people can easily get used to it and hence start practicing it in their daily lives.
  • Improved Hygiene: Installing a seat cover dispenser can save you from many infections that can cause further diseases. As our seats work automatically, the use of seat covers is increased thus creating a multiple effect towards a clean and hygienic toilet.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs: Using traditional seat covers can not only increase the overall cost of covers but increase the maintenance cost. When these covers are pulled out for use, they are left unused on the floor which can lead to clog in the drain. This can result in calling a plumber to unclear any clog which might have built up by toilet seat covers. With an automatic seat cover that only pulls out, one cover at a time, not only the seat covers are saved but there is much less expenditure on cleaning the toilet.
  • Greater client satisfaction: Using a public toilet may be your last option due to the unclean and unhygienic condition they are usually in. With an automatic Brill toilet seat covers, your clients will appreciate the installation of an automatic seat cover and may in turn improve the chances of coming back to avail your service. Think for yourself, who would want to go to a restaurant where they can get a disease?

Brill Hygienic Products was founded more than 25 years ago with a purpose to improve and promote hygiene by using state of the art technologies which can improve your health and overall lifestyle. Brill automatic toilet seat covers are the only company in America that provide a hands-free public restroom toilet covers.

Brill Inc. has designed its products to be used in residential as well for commercial purposes. The toilet seat cover dispenser units are widely gaining popularity amongst airports, hospitals, factories, colleges and other service places. The products are made in the USA and are designed to last a lifetime. Using Brill toilet seat covers will not only be a better step towards healthier employees but a hygienic community.

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