Flush Away Your Worries with Brill Disposable Toilet Seat Covers:  

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In an office environment, there are oftentimes unspoken rules: refill the paper trays on the copier when the paper trays are low; never eat someone else’s lunch; offer to help people meet struggling deadlines amongst other things.  There is one more, one that is pretty disgusting: never use the bathroom in the afternoon.  Why is this one on the list?  In a public restroom, by the time afternoon hits, the cleaning that the janitorial staff completed the night before will need to be done all over again.

You realize that you really need to use the restroom and the nearest facility is the dreaded office bathroom.  As you cross the threshold, you are greeted by a chaise to rest on, however, this chair is probably the least germ infested seat in the room.  You move timidly further into the bathroom to see two overflowing trashcans, filled mostly with used paper towels.

You take a deep breath and head into the stall.  Looking around, it doesn’t look as bad as your colleagues say, however, you inwardly cringe while thinking about what germs are on that seat.  After lining the toilet seat with toilet paper, you relieve yourself.  If your employer had only considered Brill Disposable Toilet Seat Covers, your bathroom experience would have been a little more pleasant.

Brill Public Restroom Disposable Toilet Covers: At the Workplace

Flush Away Your Worries with Brill Disposable Toilet Seat CoversFlush Away Your Worries with Brill Disposable Toilet Seat CoversPaper Toilet Seat CoversWhy use a Brill public restroom disposable toilet cover system?  One of the best reasons is to ward off colds and germs.  One of the misconceptions is that the toilet seat carries the most of the germs found in the toilet at a public restroom.  While yes, a lot of the germs are indeed on the toilet seat, most of the germs come from flushing.  There are times when you go into the bathroom and see backsplash on the toilet seat.

Flushing the toilet and producing the backsplash is the number one way of cold and disease transmittal through toilets.  Some of the diseases include E. coli, staphylococcus (the bacteria that causes staph infections), various sexually transmitted diseases, a hepatitis infection, and the common cold virus.

Cheap Disposable Toilet Covers: The Bottom Line

While some think that disposable toilet covers may be an unnecessary as well as expensive item to purchase, we want you to consider the following situation.  While using one of your restrooms, one of your employees gets unknown to them picks up a germ from using an unprotected toilet seat.  This particular employee has is playing an integral part in completing a project that your company is due to present in a little under week.  While your project can survive a couple days without this specific employee, if they take off more than a couple days, the project may falter.  The employee, determined to make sure they do all that they can works overtime as well as coming in early to get the project out the door.  The lack of rest plus the stress of the situation is a surefire way that this particular employee is going to end up getting sick.

Eventually this employee does call in sick and you frantically try to find someone who is as competent as they to perform the project tasks while they are away.  After a brief inquiry you discover others in her department have no idea what this employee did, but you realize that this employee didn’t need much guidance and they performed the tasks to completion.  Eventually you realize that you have two options: bring in a temp, who will have to be trained on the basics for the short time that they are there here or to let one of the others act as a backup, both not insuring that the work is done to the quality you are used to.

Had you used a Brill Disposable Toilet Seat Cover system, you would have avoided this situation as well as saving money and your company’s resources (by either having employees either take additional time to train a temp or act as a backup for the ill employee).  This specific example is only one of the many ways you can save money with a Brill Disposable Toilet Seat Cover system.