Four Reasons Park Bathrooms Need Automated Toilet Seat Covers

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Keeping the Park Clean

Disposable toilet seat covers can play a vital role in helping to keep parks clean, especially when people need to use the restroom. The recreational activities within these parks can range from a simple picnic to going on a long hike. When people stop to rest, they normally pay a visit to the public facilities before going on their way.

Traditional toilet seat covers are made from low-quality materials that rip and tear easily. They must be applied manually which negates the entire reason for having them since they’re supposed to provide a clean surface for the next occupant. The automated system, on the other hand, is hand’s free and ensures there is always a clean surface for the next person to use.

Disposable toilet seat covers


The automatic disposable toilet covers are an extra measure every park can benefit from to improve the experience of patrons. One of the easiest measures they can take to make their patron’s visit a good experience is to make it so they don’t have to touch the toilet seat covers with their bare hands. Why should they have to manually apply a traditional toilet seat cover when the entire point is to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria?

Our automated system makes it easier for people to use the facilities without having to worry about manually applying a toilet seat cover. Once they’re done using the facilities the automated system rips off the used cover, rolls it up, and replaced it with a fresh surface for the next patron to use.

Reduced Chances of Cross Contamination

Toilet Seat CoversThe other benefit to using automatic disposable toilet seat covers is they’re the more sanitary option. When customers use the bathroom, they expect a germ-free environment which can be difficult to provide if the facilities are not kept clean. Traditional toilet seat covers usually end up on the floor torn to shreds or become damp which creates an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Our automated system keeps toilet seat covers where they’re supposed to be so this type of mess doesn’t occur. The addition of being able to have a fresh surface to use whenever a new person needs to use the bathroom is another bonus. The potential for cross contamination to occur is lessened and there is less of a mess to deal with.

Save on Cleaning Costs

Places that host public restroom facilities do their best to keep them clean and sanitary for people to use them daily. Disposable toilet seat covers help reduce cleaning costs since there is less mess to worry about. The people responsible for cleaning the bathroom don’t have to worry about picking up torn and wasted toilet seat covers on the ground. They just must come in, switch the rolls out, throw the used one way, and their job is done.

Investing in disposable toilet seat covers has helped to keep parks clean and the bathroom environment germ-free. Our automatic system makes people’s bathroom experience easier and hassles free since they no longer must manually apply the toilet seat cover.