Fun Facts about Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

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As the leading authority on automatic toilet seat covers, we thought it would be a good idea to offer a few interesting facts on the sanitary toilet covers themselves. After all, people use them in thousands of locations all over the country, including airports, hospitals country clubs and more. Here are four fun facts you probably didn’t know about our toilet seat cover dispenser system.

The Brill Seat Automatic Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser Cuts Costs

It does not matter if your establishment offers quality products, displays beautiful artwork, or offers the best food in town. Allow your patrons to enter a dirty bathroom, and your reputation goes straight down the toilet (pun intended). No one likes to use a dirty bathroom, but not every guest that uses yours is mindful or polite enough to leave it clean and tidy. It is the responsibility of the establishment to monitor their bathrooms’ condition and keep them clean at all times.

What this means is employees spend lots of time checking bathrooms and cleaning up other people’s mess. From emptying trash cans to picking up paper toilet seat covers and toilet paper scraps, employees spend roughly 20 percent of their shift cleaning bathrooms. With the automatic toilet seat cover dispenser from Brill in place that number is nearly cut in half since the seat covers stay in place, and employees simply just need to remove and replace the plastic rolls when necessary. Time is money, as is the case in most businesses, and anytime you can cut the time it takes to complete a task, you cut costs.

Hands-free Automatic Toilet Seat Cover improves Sanitation by reducing Exposure

Automatic Toilet Seat CoverPublic restrooms are some of the most germ-infested areas. Even the cleanest bathrooms harbor some pretty nasty bacteria. While the jury is still out on the level of risk people face in contracting illness and disease from using public restrooms, our belief is that it is better to be safe than sorry. Toilets create a perfect environment for a multitude of germs to thrive, and in order to protect the masses adequately, we provide the hands-free automatic toilet seat cover.

Our touchless toilet seat cover dispenser reduces exposure to such nasties as:

  • Gastrointestinal viruses – these are the ones that cause stomach problems. The Norovirus is included in this group, which you may have heard causing numerous cruise ship outbreaks. The reality is, gastrointestinal viruses can remain active on unprotected toilet seats for up to a week.
  • Enteric pathogens – This particular group of germs includes E. coli, which was responsible for the death of four children in 1993 after they visited the Jack-in-the-Box restaurant. While these pathogens are found in food, they also thrive and are spread through feces.
  • Skin and respiratory organisms – This super-scary group of organisms include the staph bacteria (including the MRSA strain that is resistant to antibiotics) and Group A Strep, also known as the “flesh-eating virus.”

Installing Automatic Toilet Seat Covers increases Employee and Customer Satisfaction

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make patrons and employees happy is providing a clean restroom. Installing automatic toilet seat covers lets everyone know you take their health and happiness very seriously. Some business owners look at installing these covers as part of their marketing plan because doing so typically results in increased positive reviews of their establishment, which ultimately leads to increased revenue.

Brill Hygienic Products, Inc.: The Only Automatic Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser Manufacturer

When it comes to manufacturing the automatic toilet seat cover dispenser, Brill Hygienic Products, Inc. has the market cornered. We are the only company that offers this revolutionary product. Using the restroom is something everyone must do, but having to compromise your health and wellbeing to do so in public is simply not acceptable. That is why we came up with our automatic toilet seat covers.

You will not find another automatic toilet seat cover dispenser on the market today. We take public health seriously and ran with the idea to make protecting yourself, your patrons and your employees as easy as possible. While we were at it, we designed a product that not only reduces exposure to bathroom germs, but also cuts costs for the business owners who install it.

Regardless of how clean the bathrooms are in your establishment, installing automatic toilet seat covers is a major step in the right direction. Doing so cuts maintenance costs dramatically, and decreases users’ risk of contracting an illness or disease by reducing their exposure to serious bathroom germs. When customers and employees see the seat covers installed in your restrooms, they realize that you take their health seriously, which increases customer satisfaction.

If protecting your public bathroom users from potential sickness sounds like a good idea, or if you would like to cut your own bathroom maintenance costs, give us a call.