Paper Toilet Seat Covers vs. Brill Seat – Is an Upgrade in your Budget?

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The bathroom is often a sore spot on any business but you probably already knew that. It’s why you’re here, right? The biggest problem that bathrooms tend to present is the sanitation issue. You know what happens in there, we know what happens in there, so how are you supposed to make it better? As you do your best to address the situation you might actually find yourself at a loss more than once, especially if you’re trying to clean it up after every single customer.

Well, as luck would have it there are certain implements you can use to keep the bathroom clean and safe for each customer, one of which is the paper toilet seat cover – but is it enough to keep your customers clean and happy? Well that’s a good question, and it all comes down to the survivability of germs.

The Downside of Paper Toilet Seat Covers

toilet seat cover system

As you probably know by now there are some downsides to using paper toilet seat convers, many of those downsides having to do with the myths perpetuated about them. Let’s get one thing straight: a paper toilet seat cover isn’t going to protect you against everything and quite honestly, some of the things that it is supposed to protect you against are mere myths. Everyone has done the thing where they walk into the stall and stack sanitary paper toilet seat covers, one on top of another in the hopes of protecting ourselves from the nasty germs lurking on the toilet seat.

Fact Check: Do germs actually survive on the toilet seat? No, for the most part they do not, unless you’re talking about some of the nastier ones. Here’s the thing, most germs have a very short lifespan if they are not inside your body, and with that being the case, toilet seat covers are mostly useless outside of a few very specific cases:

  1. The bacteria in question is staph or ringworm
  2. The individual in question has an open sore on the part of their skin that touches the toilet.

Bear in mind that there are definitely a few other types of bacteria that can cause problems but you get the idea. For the most part you’re safe. That aside, there are other concerns that a good toilet seat cover system can solve.

Addressing Other problems

Paper Toilet Seat CoversWhen you think of deploying paper toilet seat covers you might be thinking of the sanitation issue, but honestly, there is so much more to it than that. Sometimes a mess is just a mess, and toilet seat covers can help you to mitigate some of that mess. The more people you have using them, the better your seat is going to look at the end of the day, and in the opinion of many, having to clean up a few paper covers from the floor is entirely worth it. What if you could eliminate that step, however? Would you? The answer is probably something along the lines of absolutely yes.

Brill Seat is a company offering a product like no other, and honestly, it should be found in every bathroom in America. In fact, there are already quite a few companies out there that are making use of it, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Some of these include casinos, hotels, and even restaurants. If the most reputable establishments are already using it, then why shouldn’t you?

Can you Afford to Upgrade?

The Brill Seat system might be a bit more expensive than the paper option initially, but you have to consider how much the paper covers cost over time. Brill Seat offers a solution in which the cover is rotated each time the individual stands up from the toilet, and they never even have to interact with it. More than a few customers and guests have commented that this toilet seat cover actually makes them feel more comfortable using the restroom in a facility, meaning you could ultimately bring in more customers. Who could say no to that? Look at the Brill Seat solution today and know that your business deserves an upgrade.