Protective toilet seat covers – The revolution in public hygiene

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A trip to the public restroom does not need to be a terrifying experience all the time. There is now a much better way to take care of business that is both hygienic and cost effective as the process is completely automated. Toilet covers for public restrooms is a great idea on so many levels, it is a wonder why many businesses have not paid attention to this often-neglected corner of their facility. Many enterprising people have tried all kinds of strategies to minimize their physical contact as much as possible with less than perfect public bathroom toilet seat covers. Most of the time you will have a box of paper toilet cover next to the the toilet seat which is tricky to stay on the ring.

If you do manage to make the paper cover stay on the ring, making sure it is still in position while you mount is again a game of luck, as half the time the paper ring usually slips off the toilet seat covers. What if you do not have the paper toilet covers in the restroom, in such a scenario being inventive out of desperation will have you placing strips of toilet paper all over the toilet ring. This futile quest for hygiene often ends in an unsightly mess where some of the bits will go into the toilet bowl, some will end up on the floor while some will just stick half out and half inside the bowl, it is not a pretty sight at all. Going to answer the call of nature in a public restroom no longer needs to make your stomach churn. Cheap public bathroom toilet seat covers are now available that can make a trip to the public restroom a much safer, hygienic and overall a more pleasant experience.

Automatic Toilet Seat Cover

Brill Seat offers the best toilet seat covers for public restrooms

Claiming something is the best is a grand claim, and for the best solution to the public toilet issue would need to be cost effective, easy to be operate, require minimum human interaction to keep running and be a solution that prioritizes hygiene on top of all things. The hands free electronic toilet seat is certainly all those things and more, it is causing quite a stir and has caught the attention of media and TV for being such a groundbreaking idea. The inventor is now famous all over the world and shares his many years of expertise providing this hygienic and sanitary facility to many clients all over the world. From Casinos to amusement parks, from restaurants, cafes, schools and hospitals, everyone that has installed this system has provided positive feedback

The operation is very easy where a user simply needs to wave their hands across a green button which brings to life the mechanism on top of the toilet seat, placing a fresh sheet of plastic on the ring. After use, the old sheet is automatically disposed and a new plastic sheet replaces it in its place. Many institutions like schools, offices and hospitals have installed this system and this system is considered to offer some of the best public restroom toilet covers.

The public restroom toilet covers can easily be obtained on bulk order to make them extremely great value so they cost even less. The other side effect of enhanced hygiene is better productivity at your workplace. For instance, employees in an office with one of these installed are less likely to contract harmful germs from the restroom and call in sick. Or places like restaurants and cafes with this system of public bathroom toilet seat covers will cause less distress for customers, who will also take notice of how clean the facilities, were. These little touches add intangible value to any place of business and add to the safety of the people as well. Handicapped people often have mobility issues and they can certainly appreciate the convenience of the hands free electronic toilet covers. Protective toilet seat covers also means a lot less work for the janitor, since there is no paper to clog up the drains and the restroom does not require constant monitoring to keep clean and tidy.

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