Public Bathroom Toilet Seat Covers

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One of the hardest things to do in an airport is to use the restroom.  You’re juggling all your carry-on luggage, while you attempt to fit everything into a tiny stall.  The last thing you have to do, once you get all of your belongings to do an incredible balancing act is to place a flimsy tissue paper toilet cover on your toilet seat.  With Brill Toilet Seat Cover Seat Dispensers, that last step is eliminated, making your trip a little easier.

Public Bathroom Toilet Seat Covers: Work Healthy

Brill SeatWhy use a Brill Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser?  One of the best reasons is hygiene.  Typical public bathroom toilet seat covers, host enough bacteria to make a germaphobe flee.  Such germs such as streptococcus (the bacteria that causes strep throat), E. coli, Hepatitis A, and the common cold.  At work, leisure, or traveling abroad, Brill Toilet Seat Cover ensures that your clients will experience a less stressful experience.

As an employer, one of the main things you are always concerned with is how to eliminate unnecessary costs.  Some of these costs could include the use of sick days.  The average worker takes about four sick days per year.  While this isn’t a bad number, there is always the person in the office who will go to work even though they should be at home nursing whatever ails them.  Even though your employee could catch the illness while being around the employee, Brill Toilet Seat Covers eliminates the onset of an illness while your employees use the public bathroom toilet seat covers in the workplace.  When an employee takes a sick day, a temp is usually called in and another employee takes up much of their time training the new employee instead of working on their work.  By using a Brill Seat Cover Dispenser, the office public restroom will be germ free.

Another example of cost savings when using the Brill toilet seat covers occurs when the cleaning crew comes in afterhours to clean the restroom.  When the toilets get cleaned, usually the cleaning person will have to lift toilet seat covers to clean the bowl underneath as well as cleaning the toilet seat covers themselves.

Public Bathroom Toilet Seat Covers: Image is everything

Public Bathroom Toilet Seat CoversWhen a prospective client comes into the office, there is nothing more important than your company’s image.  Your presentation is clutter free, you are armed with a script for answers to questions, breakfast or lunch is being ordered, and employees are instructed to be on their best behavior.  You take a deep cleansing breath before your clients are ushered in to learn about your product.

Halfway through your presentation, a break is taken, where your clients can use the restroom, make phone calls, or deal with other business related matters.  As the client files back into their chairs, you hear them muttering something about the public restroom.  After the client leaves, feeling a lot less approachable, you venture into the restroom.

Paper toilet seat covers litter the floors, one of the toilets is clogged, and the garbage cans are overflowing with miscellaneous paper waste.  No wonder the client left feeling less than pleased! Taking one look at the public restroom, it was messy and disorganized.  When you use Brill toilet seat covers, not only does the washroom look neat and organized, but less germs are spread.

Public Bathroom Toilet Seat Covers: Play Healthy

During the summer, you settle in and take your child to their first Major League Baseball game. Munching over salted popcorn, sipping a soda, you take in America’s favorite pastime with a grin.  As the third inning comes to a close, your child tugs your shirt and tells you that they need to use the restroom.  Stepping inside the restroom, you inwardly grimace seeing white floors with a wet grey coat of liquid on it.  Your child rushes to the first stall available and starts to relieve themselves.  A lot of times, children focus on going to the bathroom instead of making sure their environment is clean.

Using a Brill Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser will help alleviate parents, knowing that even though the rest of the restroom looks like it could use a heavy dose of bleach, their little ones won’t catch something by sitting on a dirty seat, turning a potentially bad experience into something that they will remember positively in the years to come.