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toilet-seat-picWhen it comes to running a business, every business owner you talk to will tell you how extremely important customer service is to a business’ success. There are many different things that factor into what makes a business’ customer service excellent and one of those factors, one of the largest factors, is cleanliness and a sanitary place of business. When a customer walks into a business and sees that it is unclean or that the bathrooms are dirty, they are sure to be turned off by the business and you may be losing customers because of it. On the contrary, if a customer comes into your business and finds that you have gone above and beyond to make sure your business is as clean and sanitary as possible, customers will appreciate these, seemingly small, touches and you will, inevitably, keep these customers because of that.

The dirtiest place is a business is, by far, the bathroom, especially if it is a public restrooms. Keeping this area of a business clean is definitely hard work, as cleaning it should be done every day to make sure that germs and bacteria are not invading the area. One small, but successful, way to keep your bathrooms cleaner longer and increase customer satisfaction in that area is to get an automatic toilet seat cover for each toilet in your bathroom. Although this seems like a small touch, the benefits are enormous.

We at Brill Seat can provide you with the best automatic toilet seat cover dispenser that you will be able to find anywhere online while also providing you with the best price for this product, as well. Soon after purchasing your new seat cover dispenser for toilets, you will discover that your bathrooms will get less messy in small periods of time and that your customers will be happier with your business’ sanitation practices. There’s no better time than the present to start working on increasing customer satisfaction, so why not start now?

Brill Seat offers the best automatic toilet seat cover dispenser

There are so many benefits to getting a hands free automatic toilet seat cover for your restroom. For instance, the fact that it is hands free is a benefit in itself. Your customers want to touch as little as possible when they get into the restroom. Many times, business’ that have toilet seat covers on the side of the stall for people to put on manually will find that people will use the cover and not care to dispose of it properly. This leaves the people who comes into the restroom with the gross chore of having to pick up the used toilet seat cover and dispose of it themselves, which no one wants to do. Having regular toilet seat covers on hand also makes for a much more messy bathroom.

pro-3Proper disposal of toilet paper and toilet seat covers usually goes awry when it comes to public restrooms and many business’ are left with sheets and sheets of covers laying strewn across the floor at the end of the day. Using a touchless toilet seat cover prevents this issue entirely.The seat cover is automatically applied to the toilet seat and when the occupant is finished, it disposes of it automatically and a fresh one is placed upon the seat, ready for a new occupant. With our products from Brill Seat, you are also assuring yourself that each one is a quailty automatic toilet seat cover. They will last an extensive amount of time and you will also save money in the process. Having an automaticvseat cover dispenser for restrooms assures you that the exact amount of toilet seat covers that needs to be used is used, no more and no less.

This means that your occupants cannot take out seven or eight covers at one time, wasting covers that did not need to be wasted. You may find at the end of one month that you have gone through less than half of the paper covers that you would have gone through before. Although we at Brill Seat always want to give you the best quality of everything we have, we also want to bring you the most inexpensive toilet seat cover dispenser, which is what you will find on our site. Don’t wait to start improving your business, start with Brill Seat.