Raise Customer Satisfaction with Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

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Establishments today are held to a higher standard in every aspect of their business. They’re expected to deliver top-notch customer service and satisfaction. Meeting these standards can be a challenge in today’s industry of increased social media, awareness of business, and keeping customer’s happy. Many establishments are able to meet these growing demands, but when it comes to the cleanliness of their public facilities it can be a different matter.

When people are entering and exiting the restrooms at a constant rate, keeping them clean can be a chore. Patrons don’t always respect these facilities as they should which can create a mess in the restrooms. This in turn creates more work for the cleaning crew who have to deal with the mess not to mention costing extra resources in sanitizing the area and dealing with the aftermath.

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers – Better than the Traditional Ones

Automatic toilet seat covers are more beneficial than their traditional counterparts since they’re less messy and easier to use. Traditional toilet seat covers are often made using sub-par quality materials like a super thin paper or plastic. They tend to tear easily and have to be applied to the cover of the toilet seat manually. This negates the reason for even using them in the first place since their primary function is to provide a clean surface for the patron. When the toilet seat cover falls to the floor or into the toilet, it ends up being a wasted product. Patrons usually don’t bother to pick the toilet seat cover up once it hits the floor since they don’t want to catch any germs or bacteria.

Our automated system eliminates this issue completely since patrons never have to touch the toilet seat cover again. How it works is our system is able to sense when a new surface is needed and promptly replaces the cover. There’s a roll on each side, with one being the new and unused toilet seat covers. Once the surface has been used the system rolls up the used cover and replaces it with a fresh surface.


More Efficient

The other benefit of our toilet seat cover dispenser system is it’s more efficient in the long run for an establishment. The reason behind this innovative system is how easy it is to take replace the rolls and to dispose of the old ones. When a new surface is being placed it’s rolled up to the side neatly. When it comes time to change it out, someone just has to unclip the roll, toss it into the trash, and then add a new roll of clean toilet seat covers. This process is completed in less than a minute and makes the cleaning process easier and more efficient.

Cutting Down on Cost

Automatic Toilet Seat CoversAnother reason we’ve had people invest in our automatic toilet seat covers is being able to cut down on cleaning and maintenance costs. Continually replacing traditional toilet seat covers that usually end up ripped or on the ground just creates a bigger necessity for cleaning. This extra cleaning leads to a waste of time and resources that could be focused somewhere else in the establishment. Investing in our system now is an excellent long term solution to the problem which makes easier for people to use.

Increasing customer satisfaction is done by taking notice of the small details and improving certain areas to make them more comfortable. Even these small steps will go a long way to not only saving time and resources, but you’ll have happy customers to boot. The best way to stay ahead of the game is to make the right investments now so you can benefit from the results later.

We understand the challenges of keeping up with today’s standards and believe our system can help a business to meet those standards. Not only is it cost effective, but everyone benefits when you see just how amazing automatic toilet seat covers can truly be.