Are your Customers Happy? Three Reasons Public Restroom Toilet Covers can Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Automatic Toilet Seat CoversCustomer satisfaction is the number one top priority of every business. While the old adage, “the customer is always right” may not be exactly correct anymore, it is still a very important aspect of businesses today. You want your customers to be satisfied with the product or service they receive and with the buildings and facilities they do business in. When customers are not happy they are sure to share their perceived horror stories with anyone who will listen.

While this used to be mainly their family, close friends and neighbors and the impact may not have been a huge hit to your business, with the advent and popularity of social media and internet review sites, an unhappy customer now has the potential to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers with their discontent. It is more important than ever to make sure you are doing everything within your power to make sure your customers walk away with a smile on their face.

Brill Hygienic Products, Inc. can assist you in making sure your restroom areas stay clean and sanitary for your customers. No one wants to walk into a public restroom that looks dirty and where they feel at risk. Are your customers happy? Three reasons public restroom toilet covers can increase customer satisfaction are shared here so you can see the impact a clean and tidy restroom can have on your business.

  • Improved Sanitary Conditions: When your customers use your facilities they want to feel like they are in a clean and sanitary place. Our public restroom toilet covers are both sanitary and easy to use. With our toilet seat cover system there is never any need to even come close to the actual toilet seat. Each user will get a new toilet public restroom toilet cover just by waving their hand in front of a sensor or pressing a button on top of the unit. A new toilet covers immediately comes out to cover the seat. No more worry about exposure to germs that could potentially carry disease.
  • Reduced Waste and Cleaning Costs: Using our toilet seat covers can actually reduce the amount of waste that is tossed into the floor and never makes it to the trash can. Our compact and complete systems takes care of the used seat covers and allows you to maintain your restroom in a clean and tidy way with less man power or effort. There will be less chance of walking into a restroom with paper towels and tissue all over the floor that was being used to cover the toilet seat and thus, less clean up time for the business.
  • Sense of Security: When a customer sees that you have their best interests at the heart of your business plan by maintaining clean and sanitary bathrooms they have a sense of security that goes with them. They will remember the clean facilities of your place of business. Word of mouth about the cleanliness of your establishment can bring customers in to your business. When customers trust you, they tell their friends.

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Let us help you bring the best of the best to your restrooms. At Brill Hygienic Products, Inc. we have been supplying companies with the best in hygienic products for over thirty years, and our reputation stands for itself. Our innovative automatic toilet seat covers are the newest in a long line of products designed to assist you in maintaining clean restroom facilities.

Brill Hygienic Products, IncThis unique system allows a no hands approach by using sensor technology that allows the system to rotate a new seat cover onto the toilet seat for each user. No more using tissue, paper towels, or paper toilet seat covers to cover the seat and hope for the best. This system completely covers the entire seat, top to bottom, and rotates the old cover out and replaces it with a new one with each new user.

Visit our website today to see the products we offer and link to a video demonstration of our automatic toilet seat covers, or call at 800-330-6696 to get started on improving your customer satisfaction today!