Replacing Cheap Wholesale Paper Toilet Seat Covers

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There is nothing more important than making sure your bathrooms are sanitary, and that means double checking your toilets. Though many suspect, there is a little known fact that a toilet seat contains as many as fifty bacteria per square inch, and that’s nothing to mess around with. Sure, you might find more bacteria on an unclean kitchen counter, but we are talking about a surface where you place the most intimate parts of your body, and for this reason, many companies have turned to public toilet seat paper covers to address the concerns of their patrons. This isn’t always the most effective way of doing things, of course, after all, paper toilet seat covers have plenty of shortcomings that the average person is all too familiar with. How many times have you tried using one, only to find it stuck to the bottom of your shoe when you exit the bathroom? Believe it or not, many people have had that exact same experience and if you can help it, you want to make sure they avoid it in YOUR facility.

Wholesale Paper Toilet Seat Covers

The benefits of  Automated Toilet Seat Covers

By looking into an automated system rather than buying bulk paper toilet seat covers wholesale, you will save yourself a considerable amount of trouble. How exactly? Consider the janitorial costs that come with cleaning up the toilet seat covers. Your janitors, or cleaning service will be able to spend less time worrying about tracking down those covers(really, they could be all over the building once the day is done) and more time making sure that the rest of the building is taken care of.

Another clear benefit of course will be the aesthetics of the bathroom. We are now living in the year 2015, and that means we’re finally in a more technological and progressive age, meaning we don’t have to worry about things like paper dispensers glued to the side of bathroom stalls. In a way, that seems both archaic and unsanitary. With that being the case, it is really no surprise that the Brill seat cover is beginning to gain momentum, and is being used in restrooms across the United States

Brill’s National Impact

If you take a look at the Brill website you will clearly see that it has been adopted by a plethora of different high end companies and corporations around the United States, though one of the first was a popular casino in the Vegas area. Not only did this help to boost customer confidence, it make the bathroom more aesthetically pleasing. Many more companies are now adopting the brill seat, and you can be one of them!

The Brill seat is different in the way it works as it dispenses disposable toilet seat covers, but it does so in a more practical manner. Instead of the entirety of the dispenser being visible to the public, it is hidden within the toilet seat itself, and plastic covers are literally wrapped around the toilet. In other words, there is a new seat cover each and every time a customer sits down, and if they feel the current one is not clean enough, they can simply press the button and have a brand new one dispensed at their convenience. If that doesn’t sound like a great idea, we don’t know what does. By replacing paper toilet seat covers for public restrooms you will reduce waste, make your customer happier, and in the end, you will find that it is a far better investment. After all, who doesn’t like the idea of having a cleaner environment while saving money?

If you are ready to make a difference in the way your bathroom operates, then now would be the time to check out Brill Seat and see what it has to offer you. It won’t be too long before your bathrooms are properly outfitted and ready to move into the next generation. The world has changed; your bathroom needs to start changing with it!