Sanitary Toilet Covers – Automated vs. Traditional

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Restrooms, especially public ones, need to be kept clean at all times. People are frequently coming in and out of these places to use the facilities and to go about their day. Toilet seat covers are used frequently as well, but traditional covers can come at a high cost. They can fall on the floor, be blown around, trampled into the ground, and just make the restroom a messy place.

Here at Brill Seat, we believe in keeping the bathroom as clean as possible. Automatic toilet seat covers keep your bathroom as clean as possible. Why do so many people make the switch? Here’s a comparison on why our automatic system is better, cleaner, and more efficient than traditional toilet seat covers.

How Traditional Toilet Seat Covers Work

Automatic toilet seat coversTraditional toilet seat covers have a very basic function and are simple in their design. The majority of traditional covers are usually made out of thin paper or plastic. They can be pulled out from a dispenser and laid out on the toilet seat. The problem is having to use manual application methods in order to place them on the seat. This means people’s fingers come into contact with the toilet seat and any germs or bacteria that was left behind.

Traditional toilet seat covers are also notorious for not being efficient when it comes to applying them to the toilet. They can often be pushed around by a small breeze or knocked into the toilet. People usually leave the covers alone if they happen to fall onto the ground too. This can create a huge mess in the bathroom in a short amount of time, and make the bathroom unsanitary. This means more time spent cleaning the bathroom of just the toilet seat covers rather than other areas of the bathroom.

How Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Work

The automatic toilet seat covers we sell here at Brill Seat on the other hand have none of these problems. Sanitation in a public restroom is always a number one concern, and we believe it’s our duty to make these facilities as clean as possible. Our toilet seat covers make the entire process painless, easy, simple, and above all cleaner.

Our toilet seat covers used computerized technology in order to operate. These seats have a housing system for sanitary toilet seat covers to store them. Inside the system is a roll of sanitary, clean tubing that is placed on the left side of the seat. The plastic tubing surrounds the toilet seat completely and then leads back into the housing system. After each use, the plastic is cut cleaning with a razor blade by the system. The used plastic is then rewound on the right side so the plastic is never re-used. The used plastic is rolled up neatly so it can be disposed of later.

This automated system makes cleaning the bathroom so much easier in several different ways. The first is that at no point does anyone’s hands come into contact with the toilet seat. The only thing that has to be done is that the rolls for the toilet seat covers have to be disposed of for the used plastic and replaced for the new ones. This creates a better, more sanitary environment for people using the facilities.

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Help Cut Down on Cleaning Costs & Time

Restrooms are a place where people need them to be as clean as possible, even with heavy foot traffic. While the establishment hosting the facilities should be responsible for keeping the public restrooms available clean as possible, sometimes they’re unable to. They may be short staffed that day, addressing another mess, or patrons may not be as careful when it comes to keeping the bathroom clean.

Traditional toilet seat covers make it more difficult to keep the bathroom clean since they can be hard to use, are delicate, and most of the time aren’t cut out for the job. With Brill Seat’s sanitary toilet seat cover system, you have all the benefits you need for a clean bathroom without all the hassle.

Your cleaning personnel will be able to focus on other aspects of cleaning the restroom which will save time and money. Since the automated system only needs the rolls of plastic to be changed out and replaced once it runs out. This saves a lot of time and hassle in the long run, and can even cut down on costs too. Companies will no longer have to dedicate more time and money to buying ineffective, traditional toilet seat covers again.