Say Goodbye to Paper Toilet Seat Covers in your Company Bathrooms

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Company bathrooms have a strict standard of needing to be presentable at all times, carefully maintained, and usually cleaned throughout the day. This level of maintenance for the bathroom can often be a difficult standard to meet on a daily basis when so many people are using them on a daily basis. There are times where some may not respect the unwritten rules of these shared facilities and end up leaving a mess in their wake.

When this occurs it’s up to the company to offer an innovative solution to the problem, but what if there was a way to do it without wasted resources?

Innovative System

Brill SeatOur automatic toilet seat covers have made it easier than ever to help maintain company bathrooms and keeping them clean. The issue with traditional toilet seat covers is they fail in their functionality since they have to be applied manually each time. This puts the patron in contact with the cover of the toilet seat completely negating the reason for using it in the first place. These poor quality toilet seat covers often rip, tear, or end up being knocked over from the slightest touch or breeze. They’re so fragile it makes little sense to invest in them since half the time it ends up creating an even bigger mess in the bathroom.

Our innovative system eliminates this problem by ensuring the patron never has to deal with the hassle of a traditional toilet seat cover again. There’s a sensor that notes when the patron is done and rips the now used cover into a roll off the side. There’s a fresh sheet of plastic pulled over the toilet seat which provides a fresh surface for the next person who needs to use the facilities.

Cleaning Has Never Been Easier

Toilet Seat CoversWhat about the cleaning aspect when it comes to the bathroom? Our toilet seat cover system helps in that regard too and people will usually notice a vast difference after just a few weeks of use. Traditional toilet seat covers have a reputation for creating an even bigger mess and being a complete hassle to deal with in the long run.

Our system is not only more user friendly, but completely eliminates the necessity for having to apply the toilet seat covers manually. When it comes time to restock them, the roll with the used covers simply has to be picked up, tossed into the trash, and fresh roll installed on the other side. This takes only a minute or two at most which makes for an efficient cleaning routine in the bathroom.

This in turn also means there’s less wasted resources for the most part since the company is no longer having products they invested in on the floor of the bathroom. Our system ensures each toilet seat cover is used and disposed of properly so patrons can enjoy a clean bathroom without any of the extra hassle.

Increased Satisfaction

We believe our automatic toilet seat covers will help to increase the satisfaction in the company since the bathroom will be easier to clean and maintain. There’s less wasted products, resources, and the mess is cut down since toilet covers are not ending up on the floor anymore. The initial investment will pay off in the long run in cleaning costs and product alone. Everyone will be happier and the facilities will be more sanitary to boot while also cutting down on the risk of cross contamination taking place.

We understand the difficulties establishments face when maintaining these facilities being used by multiple people. Our system will help to smooth over the process of keeping them clean, presentable, and sanitary for every person who uses the bathroom. The cleaning process will be more efficient, employees will be happier, and many companies have reaped the benefits of being able to save on cleaning costs.