Protective Toilet Seat Covers

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Toilets, everyone uses them. When it comes to the golden throne its a good idea to keep it very clean. Chances are the current golden throne people use regularly is usually shared with more than one person. When a toilet begins to receive a high traffic. Sanitation for the toilet seat is a necessity. Not only to avoid germs, but to keep from getting sick as well.

Brill Hygienic Offers Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Protective Toilet Seat CoversWe here at Brill like to keep things clean. Especially when it comes to toilet seats! We understand people live in a world today where cleanliness is a necessity. We offer a new and innovative product in orderĀ  to make this easier. Its hands free and perfect for just about any public restroom.

Our automatic seat covers replaced those pesky paper toilet seat covers with plastic ones. They are used a single time and will automatically cover the toilet seat after each use. They’re hands free and best of all they’re hygienic. Your hands never come into contact with the toilet seat at all! Toilet seats are one of the major concerns when it comes to germs. Staph infections especially can be caught in public restrooms. Not to mention during the flu and cold season being clean is essential in order to stay healthy.


Protective Toilet Seat Covers Have Many Uses

Wondering how protective toilet seat covers can be of use? Well, they can be used just about anywhere and in a variety of places. Our toilet seat covers are perfect for public restrooms in office buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, and even restaurants. The system we have developed takes away the needs for seat protectors which run out. They also eliminate the mess patrons can sometimes leave behind when toilet seat covers are not disposed of properly.

The traditional toilet seat covers don’t really cut it when it comes to handicapped toilets as well. A patron may have some difficulty with mobility and may be unable to place down a clean toilet seat cover. Our system ensures the toilet is completely hygienic and takes away the need to replace the toilet seat cover manually. Giving everyone the confidence to use the facilities as necessary.

Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Are Easier

Our auto toilet seat covers are not only hygienic. They’re just more economical, convenient, and above all sanitary. When companies invest in our automatic seat covers there are a number of benefits that come with it. Companies can reduce paper supplies, janitorial labor, and even plumbing costs. There is even the addition of happy customers who don’t have to worry anymore about using a dirty toilet seat either. Since its hands free too customers never have to worry about catching unnecessary germs. Who likes having to replace a toilet seat cover by hand anyway?

A Truly Revolutionary Product in Toilet Seat Covers

Our product is truly revolutionary in an unassuming way, but revolutionary none the less. Its designed to make a toilet seat as clean as possible. How it works is that the toilet seat is covered automatically with a new cover. It happens when a user waves their hand in front of the wall mounted, hands free sensor. There is a green button which can be pushed as well by the user. The toilet seat is then automatically covered and a new cover is in place for the next person before they even use the toilet.

The benefits for using our automatic toilet seat covers are:

  • Safe guards for public health
  • Prevents the spreading of germs
  • Cuts down on the spread of illness

Restrooms are used by everyone. So, of course the restroom is where a lot of people are concerned about catching germs. In clinical settings our product can go a long way in helping to preventing illness. We believe everyone should use our product since it just makes everything easier for everyone.

Here at Brill Hygienic Products we’re seeking to revolutionize the way toilet seat covers are used. We want all patrons to be safer and businesses to consider keeping their public restrooms clean as soon as possible. Feel free to e-mail us at or call us at (800) 330-6696.