The Phasing Out of Sanitary Paper Toilet Seat Covers

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Sanitary paper toilet seat covers are something that you have seen before many times, there’s just no way to argue that. Every time you enter a public restroom they’re going to be there, and every single time you use the bathroom you probably consider using one. Well, it’s not a bad idea but let’s face it, the days of the sanitary paper toilet seat covers are coming to an end. If you haven’t been paying attention you ‘re probably wondering why, and it’s not a bad question. Why would something that we’ve been relying on for so many years be going away?

Time Marches On – Even for Sanitary Paper Toilet Seat Covers

paper toilet seat cover systemTo put it quite simply, things move on especially when it comes to the most simplistic of implementations in our world. The brick oven was replaced by the toaster oven and pens are slowly being replaced with computers – it just happens. The typical paper toilet seat cover system is being swiftly replaced by the Brill Seat system and it’s not just a localized event. Businesses all over the United States are quickly beginning to see the usefulness of the Brill Seat system and it won’t be long before they are implemented nationwide. So what is it that makes the Brill Seat system better than paper toilet seat covers?

More EffectiveThe problem with typical paper toilet seat covers is that they slide around and you have more than a few people doubling up on them. This is expensive and let’s face it, it’s pretty messy. Not to mention the amount of time that you probably have to spend convincing your customers that paper toilet seat covers are in fact not toilet paper and do not belong in your plumbing system.

 CleanerNo one can argue that the Brill Seat solution is cleaner than the previous solutions that have been implemented. Paper might have been perceived to be cheaper, but the new solution allows for a more inexpensive plastic cover, and it’s much cleaner than paper with the covers only being accessible once the customer stands up from the toilet.

AutomatedThe less effort a customer has to put into using the toilet seat cover the better off you and them are going to be. The Brill Seat covers are activated via a motion sensor that is activated when the guest or customer sits down, making it very easy to use and requires no cleaning.

Self-ContainedThe Brill Seat system is completely self-contained meaning the toilet seat, the cover, and the mechanism are all one device and they can be mounted atop the existing toilet seat. If that’s not an improvement, then we don’t know what is.

A Seat for Every Occasion

Sanitary Paper Toilet Seat CoversBrill Seat has invented a solution that can be used in a variety of different situations and establishments. If you take a look at the news video from our front page you will find a situation in which it was used in a casino, and while it was only applied to the women’s bathroom, it increased traffic significantly which is a great thing overall. The same logic can be allied to bathrooms in gyms, schools, government buildings, and even public beaches, making them a much cleaner space and a much more attractive spot for people to visit. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for you to invest in these, and a great way to phase out the paper toilet seat covers.

The final thing we want to mention is that paper toilet seat covers are not incredibly effective when it comes to stopping the spread of germs due to the nature of the germs that can be spread. The plastic covers from Brill Seat however are much more sanitary and much more effective as they allow for zero contact with the toilet seat itself. It’s time to step up your game and move on from the paper toilet seat covers; it won’t be too long before you’re ready to give up wholesale paper toilet seat covers entirely and join the rest of us in the future!