The Right Way To Use Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers

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pro-4Using a public toilet is not typically on the list of anyone’s favorite thing to do. In fact most people avoid going to the bathroom and try to ‘hold it.’ But at times it’s not really a choice and when nature calls one has to adhere to it. Regardless of the condition of the restroom, checking for toilet paper and a sanitary toilet seat covers is essential. If the toilet seat covers are missing then the bathroom is too unhygienic to be used and might even be prone to diseases. Even at home a bathroom is considered to be the most personal and important room in anyone’s home. Whether you are living or about to make a sale of a particular house, the bathroom breaks or makes the deal.

Here are some tips to make sure you’re using that sanitary toilet seat cover the right way.

  • Make sure the sanitary toilet seat cover is dry and you can even wipe it out with some toilet paper. Pull the seat cover out of the dispenser and lay the toilet seat down while making sure to place it in a way that the tongue would hang down in front of it.
  • With the cover in one piece, it will sit on the toilet seat. It will not fall down and the automatic flusher will have nothing to grab onto if it flushes before it’s supposed to go.
  • Now you can use the seat as much as you like.
  • Once you’re seated you can reach between your legs and pull the tongue from the back to the front. Your weight will keep the paper in place and allow the tongue to loosen out of the back in one pull. You can let the tongue hang down in the front.
  • Once you flush the water will automatically pull the toilet seat cover within the bowl and voila, all done.
  • Once you’re done the seat automatically lifts up and a spraying device releases sanitizer with a fresh smell. This makes your sanitary toilet seat cover hygienic and the good smell leaves your bathroom smelling fresh.

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