The Role of Automatic Toilet Seat Covers in the Restaurant Industry

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One of the defining points in the restaurant industry is cleanliness. They’re required to keep every part of their establishment clean, down to the grout in between the tiles. When faced with such a cleaning challenge, many restaurants can struggle to stay ahead. This is the point where they may be looking into to streamline the cleaning process in areas of their business. One of these areas can usually involve the bathroom.

Why is it Important for a Restaurant to Keep the Bathroom Clean?

Automatic Toilet Seat CoversThe restroom facilities in any food establishment can quickly come under fire. These facilities are important to keep as clean as possible since patrons will be using them. When it comes to a restaurant, it’s easy to imagine why people need to use the restroom at least once or twice during their meal. Keeping a bathroom clean is the first step to letting patrons know the restaurant takes sanitation seriously and takes every aspect of the establishment into consideration.

Dirty bathrooms can drive patrons to not come eat at the restaurant. Keeping the bathroom clean can be difficult since the establishment already has to make sure tables, chairs, the floor, cutlery, dishes, cooking hardware, and more is all spotless. Automatic toilet seat covers help to give the establishment one less thing to worry about when it comes to cleaning.

How Toilet Seat Covers Streamline the Cleaning Process

The cleaning process for restaurants can become a huge hassle when it comes to the bathrooms. Bathrooms can quickly become dirty from patrons not cleaning up after themselves. Traditional toilet seat covers can often be torn up, thrown to the ground, or are simply ineffective at doing the job. Our toilet seat cover system not only streamlines the cleaning process, but helps to keep the bathroom cleaner in the long run too.

Traditional toilet seat covers are ineffective for helping to keep the bathroom clean. They have to constantly be replaced, picked up, tear easily, and end up creating more of a mess. Our system on the other hand is completely hands free, easy to use, and easy to clean up too. When a patron is done using the facilities the automatic system immediately replaces the old plastic. The used plastic is rolled up so it cannot be reused while a fresh cover is applied over the toilet seat.

When it’s time to replace the toilet seat cover, the rolls of plastic simply have to be replaced. The old roll of plastic can simply be thrown into the trash and the new one installed. This makes the entire process easier, quicker, and cleaner than traditional toilet seat covers.

Helps Cut Down on Mess and Waste in the Long Run

Automatic Toilet Seat CoversOne of the best parts about our automatic toilet seat cover system is the long term effects. There can be a lot of time and money that goes into keeping the bathroom clean. When traditional toilet seat covers are used, not many of them actually end up being used for their intended purpose. Many times they end up just being a complete waste of an investment. Our system cuts down on the cleaning process significantly. While many businesses are wary of the initial cost up front, they end up saving more money in the long run.

Our system is innovative since it cuts down on time spent cleaning, labor, and toilet products that are wasted. Traditional toilet seat covers end up just being thrown into the trash or on the floor. This creates a big mess the cleaning crew has to deal with and takes time away from other areas they could be focused on in the establishment. When the labor and time is cut down on cleaning the bathroom, this means the business saves more money. Our innovative system helps to keep the bathroom clean and sanitized. What’s not to love?