Three Things You Didn’t Know About Public Restroom Toilet Covers

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Toilet seat covers are a rare topic in everyday conversation these days. You won’t find that you and your co-workers are strongly inclined to mention toilet seat covers in everyday conversation. And for good reason. It is taken for granted that you will have a toilet seat cover every time you use the restroom and that they will be safe and effective. You may find yourself frustrated with the entire process of using a toilet seat cover, or angry that the cheap toilet seat covers that the business has supplied are of inferior quality and tear far too easily. However, not all toilet seat covers are created equal! Quality toilet seat covers from Brill are a far cry from the standard toilet seat cover you will encounter in lesser establishments. To highlight the major differences and qualities of Brill’s world class toilet seat covers and those from other companies, we have a list of three things you may not have known about that quiet and simple toilet seat cover.


American Made

Did you know that toilet seat covers from Brill are made here in America? That’s right, these quality toilet seat covers are made right here in factories in America. Nothing is processed or created overseas in countries like China or India. We oversee every aspect of the creation of our high quality toilet seat covers in our own factories to ensure that what we produce is the best product we can make. Because we control the production from start to finish and oversee the quality of our brand, we are also able to offer it to you at the most affordable price available anywhere.

When it comes to toilet seat covers, which do you trust more, a product made with the highest quality assurance here in America, or a product with made with unknown substances from another country of origin? When you hear the name Brill, think quality, affordability, and safety.

Rigorously Tested

Those toilet seat covers that you use every day weren’t just some hairbrained idea that was slapped together in one night and then shipped out the next day. No, each and every toilet seat cover from Brill has been specifically engineered for maximum effectiveness. We have researched extensively the materials we use so that we produce just the right kind of paper with the exact right amount of durability. They were also designed by only the best engineers in the business. Bet you didn’t know it took an engineer to make that protective barrier you rely on daily! Don’t you wish that every toilet seat cover was made by Brill, especially when you use an inferior brand and find yourself frustrated with the entire toilet seat cover process? Not every company uses our strict quality manufacturing processes or uses specialized engineering in the creation of their toilet seat covers. Simply put, we manufacture the best toilet seat covers around for the best price and we proudly stand by our product.

Toilet Seat Covers Can Really Save Your Assets

Depending on how often a business’s employee cleans the restroom, toilet seats can be complete cesspools of disgusting germs and bacteria. Who wants to come into contact with that? With the threat of e coli and the spread of other communicable diseases, do you really want to take your chances? Let’s say that you find yourself in a high traffic store with minimal employees. You try and hold it, but you have to use the restroom, you have no other option. As you burst through the door into your own potential, personal nirvana, you are shocked and alarmed for the safety of your clothing when you discover that the toilet seat doesn’t have a toilet seat cover! Not to mention, the toilet looks like it was last cleaned in 1954, complete with requisite stains.

What are the chances that this bathroom is cleaned on a regular basis? Not likely, as these kinds of stores are concerned about the volume of traffic, not in how they can ensure the cleanliness of the store and restroom. We’ve all been there. With quality Brill automatic toilet seat covers or our paper toilet seat covers you are covered regardless of the store’s employee’s policy on restroom hygiene. Rest assured, your assets stay nice, clean, and dry with Brill toilet seat covers.