Make sure the restroom you use has the best sanitary toilet covers

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There has been a little controversy surrounding whether public restrooms are germ ridden or relatively safe. We say avoid the question altogether and be “better safe than sorry.” Choose a restroom that utilizes the best sanitary toilet covers for your protection.

A lot of the more modern restrooms have automatic paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, motion-censored faucets and toilets so in an effort to continue on with the sanitary bandwagon automatic toilet seat covers were added to the mix. This is another product that helps keep the restroom clean by eliminating paper waste as well as making patrons feel more comfortable in entering a place that’s known for nastiness, uncleanliness and germs. That’s why automatic seat covers are an exceptional idea.

These toilet seat covers are designed to be easy to operate that’s why making them motion censored makes so much sense. When a person enters into the bathroom stall they wave their hand over a little green sensor on the wall, the toilet seat cover comes out of a little dispenser on the left and rotates around the entire toilet seat (top and bottom) and stops on the other side. When the next person comes along the seat rolls up the used portion on the right and another perfectly clean and protected plastic toilet seat cover makes its way around again. Every user will have a fresh toilet seat cover to use.

sanitary toilet covers

Sanitary toilet seat covers offer a barrier of protection

This is the perfect addition to public bathrooms – especially for women. The female gender has been known to do quite a bit of maneuvering to take care of their personal business in public bathrooms. If there’s a thin paper toilet seat cover they’ll try to use that and perch it on the seat in just the right way so it doesn’t fall into the toilet before they sit down and also so they don’t accidentally touch the seat. There are some women who use strips of toilet paper to lie on top of the seat and hopefully those don’t fall to the floor or into the toilet when they’re trying to sit down. Finally, you have the women who precariously squat at just the right angle and height to hoover while they urinate. Some of those women are trying to hold their purse and belongings while balancing so they don’t fall over. Let’s not forget the women who tinkle on the seat and don’t wipe it up. That’s a lot to deal with just to go to the bathroom.

There aren’t any of those situations that are ideal and any or all of those things can make using the public bathroom a huge annoyance. Using sanitary toilet seat covers eliminates the need for paper covers, strips of toilet paper and perilous balancing. The use of the automatic seat covers makes using a public bathroom almost pleasurable. This American-made product was created to assist in the elimination of germs in public facilities. Bathrooms that use these toilet seat covers prevent a few problems that often aggravate patrons: 1) Stray toilet paper lying on the floor, which is often wet/damp and that gets stuck to the bottom of shoes. 2) Discomfort of customers. 3) A breeding grown for germs.

The top-notch computerized technology inputted into the automatic toilet seat covers and the sanitary plastic are transforming public restrooms all across the nation. Those who have already began using the covers are feeling a lot less trepidation about public restrooms, especially women who don’t have a choice of whether they sit or stand while going to the bathroom.

Just think, now when you enter a bathroom at your favorite restaurant, child’s school, a football game, family reunion or one of many events and occasions held in public places you won’t have to worry about facing the tainted toilet seat. You can walk into a bathroom stall, wave your hand dramatically and be presented with your very own sanitary toilet seat cover.

In this day and age we really should expect nothing less, right? The next time you enter a public restroom and they aren’t equipped with the best sanitary toilet covers, speak up and let the manager or owner know. It’s for the greater good of bottoms everywhere.

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