Prevention is Key – What Germs can Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Stop?

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Do you hover over the toilet seat in a public bathroom? Maybe you create a “nest” out of toilet paper squares to protect your bottom from whatever might be lying in wait. Either way, ABC News found out that more than 50 percent of women refuse to sit on public toilet seats. That number alone is enough to get anyone thinking there might be something to the hype over public bathroom cleanliness. Check out the list below of the most common germs found in public bathrooms that automatic toilet seat covers protect you from.

Automatic Toilet Seat Cover

An Automatic Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser Stops these Five Germs

We’re taught early that public bathrooms are dirty, dirty places. Our mothers freaked out if we even thought about touching a toilet seat, and they made us wash our hands as if our lives depended on it before we left the facility. While proper hand washing after using the restroom is something everyone should be doing, business owners can help further provide germ protection by installing an automatic toilet seat cover dispenser in every stall. Here’s what germs this genius invention protects people from.

E. Coli

E. coli is a bacteria naturally found in our intestinal tract. It hangs out in fecal matter and some food sources, but it can also cling to some non-porous surfaces as well. When you’re stricken with E. coli, bloody diarrhea, stomach cramps and vomiting soon follow.

Along the same lines as E. coli, is a gastrointestinal virus called Norovirus. This virus can live up to two weeks on a toilet seat (even though it has been cleaned), making it easily transmitted from person to person.

Shigella Bacteria

Forget to wash your hands or don’t do it properly after using a public bathroom, and you put yourself at risk of contracting Shigellosis, or more commonly known, dysentery. Dysentery causes severe, infectious diarrhea and a host of gastrointestinal problems. The symptoms last at least a week, but the bacteria itself can infect others for weeks after you begin feeling better. In the US alone, over 14,000 cases of Shigellosis are reported every year. The best way to protect yourself and your visitors from this nasty germ is to install a toilet seat cover dispenser system in the restrooms and encourage proper hand washing after using the facilities.


If you’ve ever had strep throat, you’ve had some experience with the streptococcus virus. Naturally found in the throat, this virus also causes skin issues such as impetigo and the more distressing problem called necrotizing fasciitis, or “flesh-eating virus.” The scary thing about this virus is that it can be found on more than 39 percent of toilet seats.


Staphylococus, or “staph” for short, hangs around for a long time. An antibiotic-resistant strain called MRSA can live on a toilet seat for as long as two months, taking less than three seconds to transfer from the seat to your skin.

The Common Cold/Influenza

The common cold and influenza germs can be found just about everywhere. They can live on non-porous surfaces for two or three days; and viral strains may survive even longer. The bird flu, for instance, hangs out for weeks just waiting for you to sit down.

Quality Automatic Toilet Seat Cover

BrillFor some people, using a public restroom is a scary thing. Just the thought of what could be lurking on that toilet seat, too small for the eye to see, is enough to make even the most hardened soul turn cheek and run. Rather than offering the typical public bathroom experience like everyone else with paper toilet seat covers that never stay put and toilet paper littered floors reminiscent of nests past, give your visitors a positive experience. Install automatic toilet seat covers that not only stay put, but also protect as they were meant to do.

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