Wholesale Toilet Seat Covers for Public Parks

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Public parks can be a great place for people to relax, spend time with friends and family, and even enjoy a picnic. When visiting a public park many people often walk around for at least an hour or more just to enjoy the scenery. When spending an extended period of time in the park people often have the urge to go and need to make use of the public restroom facilities to relieve themselves.

Cut Down on Cleaning Costs (And Time!)

Public restrooms in public parks are not always seen as setting the standard for clean. People who use these facilities don’t always respect them like they should. People have been known to leave traditional toilet seat covers sitting right on the toilet, dumping them on the ground, or even refusing to dispose of them if the cover does happen to fall off the toilet. Ripped toilet seat covers can often become soaked in liquids and create a big mess. This means the public park employees have to spend more time cleaning up this mess instead of focusing on other areas of the park.

Here at Brill Seat, we believe in our public toilet seat covers. We understand the pressure public parks face when it comes to staying clean, and having to clean up constantly after visitors is just part of the everyday routine. Our product helps to cut down on cleaning time, waste, and in the long run can even help save money. There is no reason for products to be wasted now that are being thrown in the trash since our automatic system ensures every last toilet seat cover is used.

Wholesale Toilet Seat Covers

How Does This Automated System Work?

Our automated system for sanitary toilet seat covers is very simple but innovative. The system has a plastic roll installed on the side of the toilet seat that renews the covering after each use. The used toilet seat cover is rolled up so it can’t be reused and replaced with a fresh covering. There is no point in time where the visitor to the establishment has to touch the toilet seat in order to replace the cover. This system is simple, effective, and prevents materials from being wasted.

When it comes to cleanup it’s never been easier. Employees simply have to throw away the used roll of plastic and install a new one for a fresh set of toilet seat covers. This process only takes a few seconds and an entire stall of toilet seats can be changed in just a few minutes. This saves time, money, and a lot of hassle for people responsible for keeping the public restroom facilities clean.

This entire process also makes it easier for the patrons to use the restroom too. They no longer have to worry about whether they will have a fresh surface to sit on when they enter the restroom. The only thing they have to worry about is washing their hands the minute they extra the stall and head back out into the park.

The solution to keeping a bathroom clean and orderly has never been easier to obtain. Here at Brill Seat, we understand the investments public parks have to make in order to keep their grounds clean. Why waste time and effort cleaning the bathroom when the process could just be a little bit easier? The investment in sanitary toilet seat covers benefits everyone since it encourages hygiene, cuts down on wasted product, and makes it easier for the bathroom to be cleaned.

Here at Brill Seat, we hold ourselves to a high standard for our clients. We appreciate your business since we know you’re making an investment into our product. We believe bathrooms should be as clean as possible, and our product helps to promote this cleanliness. We sincerely hope you consider investing in our product to keep your own bathrooms clean and orderly.