Why Use Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers

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Most people don’t give public bathroom hygiene a second thought. You’re shopping and going on with your day-to-day routine when suddenly you have the overwhelming urge to go. You’d rather be in the comfort of your own home, of course, but that’s not always possible. Instead, you’re faced with a decision at the moment: wait until you’re home to relieve yourself, or suck it up and use a public restroom.

So few people rarely consider the types of bacteria that infest a public bathroom toilet. But if you really, truly stand back and look at how many people like you that are in and out of those bathrooms, you’ll come to the horrifying realization that you’re sharing contact with hundreds of people who may not be as clean as you wish them to be.

At BRiLL Hygiene Products, we pride ourselves in producing the most high quality, sanitary toilet seat covers possible. If you’re a business owner and/or have an awesome where multiple employees work on a daily basis, sanitary toilet covers will be a fantastic investment, and your staff will thank you. Our products at BRiLL are not only safe and reliable, but affordable as well, as we offer some of the cheapest toilet seat covers around.

What if I Don’t Want The Best Sanitary Toilet Covers?

Although contracting something serious like an STD is nearly impossible when sharing a toilet seat, the chance of contracting a nasty disease like MRSA is still possible. People everywhere have open wounds and infections that are just waiting to find a new host. Sanitary toilet covers have been used for a long time in preventing the spread of diseases from toilet seats, and we won’t stop there.

The Brill Seat, Automatic Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

Sanitary Toilet Seat CoversAt BRiLL Hygienic, we are proud to offer what is called a Brill Seat. This contraption is a fully automatic toilet seat cover dispenser. The electronic toilet seat was intended to work as effortlessly as possible. The dispenser–when the user has finished their business–cuts the plastic with a razor. (This razor is internal and will not bring any harm to the user.) The Brill Seat then throws out the plastic to the right of the dispenser for later discarding by a janitor. This means that every person who walks into the stall later on will initially have a new toilet seat to sit on. Not only does The Brill Seat abolish the amount of vile paper waste that may end up on the floor around the toile, but it also eliminates possible blockage of the pipes. Our automatic toilet seat cover eliminates the anxiety that millions of people suffer from when it comes to using a public restroom.

So many people make it clear to us how much they enjoy how hygienic and sterile the Brill Seat is for their use. We’ve also heard that they love how toilet paper no longer makes a public bathroom look unpleasant with gross toilet paper garbage. We strive to make the public bathrooms not only look clean and sanitary, but feel unsoiled as well.

At BRiLL Hygiene Products, we are so proud to produce some of the highest quality sanitary seat covers for your personal or public use. Brill Hygienic is popular in places of employment, but we are also happy to serve airports from all around the country, sterile hospitals, offices, schools, and many other institutions that are proactive about personal care and good hygiene.

At BRiLL, we believe wholeheartedly that it is important to protect yourself and your employees from avoidable hygienic diseases. Bacteria are already so easily spread without the help of a toilet seat, so let’s come together and work on practicing good hygiene. The products we offer help stop the terrible spread of bacteria and microbes that live and transfer from body to body. If you’re the supervisor or head honcho of a company, investing in our sanitary toilet seat covers will allow not only your employees, but also your customers, to use the public restroom without feeling apprehension about germs or diseases. No one wants to hold their bladder when nature calls, and you shouldn’t have to. Give us a call today to see how BRiLL employees can help turn your home or workspace into a place of clean.